Five questions with Florida linebacker Amari Burney

Robbie Andreu
Gator Sports
Florida linebacker Amari Burney (30) said the Gators are wary of Arkansas' offense.

Florida's junior linebacker: 

Q: How did the defense settle down against Georgia after the poor start?

 A: We had to play with more energy. Coach told us to settle down, the game's not over. We came to play 60 minutes and that's what we did. The players were really just talking to each other like, 'That's not how we play. That's not our identity.’ So, we just had to live up to the Gator Standard and go play our defense the way we should be playing.

 Q: How can you start faster moving forward?

 A: Come out with more energy. We kind of came out too flat, kind of came out with no energy, like we just wanted to be out there. But as the game went on we had more energy and we started making more plays.

 Q: When Kyree Campbell and Zachary Carter have been on the field together for four quarters you guys have given up just seven points. Coincidence?

 A: No it’s not a coincidence. Zach and Kyree, they feed off of each other, I believe. When one makes a play, his mindset is, ‘I gotta make a play now’. So they just go back-and-forth making plays and that’s great for the defense.

Q: What have you seen from Arkansas’ running game?

 A: We’ve got to stop the run. That’s No. 1 for the defense, we’ve got to stop the run. They’re going to come out and try to pound the ball on us and everybody has just got to be stout up front. We got to be stout with the line, the linebackers and safeties.

 Q: Teams seem to come out and try to run the ball on you guys and put together long, time-consuming drives. Do you talk about that?

 A: Yeah, we believe so. We’ve just got to come out there and stop the run and get off the field on third downs and just give our offense the ball. The more we give them the ball, the more points they can put up.