The Sunday Blog: Has SEC gone crazy?

Pat Dooley
Gator Sports

The Sunday Blog comes at you after a spectacular Saturday that saw the SEC transform into a new conference.

Observation No. 1: What happened?

OK, so we knew that for some reason it would look different in the SEC, but we thought it was because of social distancing and a lack of tailgating. Instead, we saw a day when the average yards passing for the 14 teams was a biscuit shy of 300 yards. The league on opening day threw for 4,164 yards. Maybe these coaches had so much time on their hands they came up with exotic plays. But I think the real reason is that they limited hitting in practice and instead worked on timing. Or maybe by missing SEC Media Days, their minds weren't cluttered

Observation No. 2: Poor FSU

No matter how much not to like about the Semis, you have to kind of feel bad for the way they performed Saturday night. Prime Time? More like, "Good Morning Coral Gables." The big question on Twitter last night was whether or not Miami is that good or FSU that bad? The answers is yes. 

Observation No. 3: Ranking the Vols

I finally relented and ranked Tennessee, even though the Vols still really haven't beaten anybody and had to hang on against a mediocre South Carolina team. But because Tennessee now has the nation's longest winning streak thanks to LSU's loss, you have to put the Rocky Toppers in there somewhere. By the way, my top 10 — Ohio St., Alabama, Clemson, Florida, Notre Dame, Georgia, North Carolina, Auburn, Penn State, Miami. Of course, it's subject to change.

Observation No. 4: Thanks, SEC

The league with the best commissioner, most NFL draft choices and best fans made us feel a lot closer to whole Saturday. Everything else was just Jim Croce opening for the Beatles. It also will make talk radio a lot more interesting this week. Especially in Baton Rouge.