Five questions with Florida quarterback Kyle Trask

Robbie Andreu
Gator Sports
Florida quarterback Kyle Trask is ready to face an opponent for the first time since last December's Orange Bowl.

Florida senior Kyle Trask, the preseason All-SEC quarterback, is one of 12 starters returning in for coach Dan Mullen's third season at the helm. Trask is on the spot for five questions:

 Q: After watching tape, what challenges does the Ole Miss defense present?

 A: I think they’ve got a lot of very talented and athletic guys. I know that they’re going to be playing with a lot of passion, especially with new coaches in the building. As far as our standpoint is concerned, whether there’s zero fans or how many thousand fans are there, we’re going to always bring our own juice and be ready to play.

Q: How did the mock game go last week, and what do you think the atmosphere will be like in Oxford?

 A: It went well. And as far as I know there’s still going to be noise, but it’s not going to be from actual fans. And from what I’ve heard from other people from other schools, it’s kind of ... obviously it’s going to be weird playing with no fans, but it’s just another one of those things we’re just going to have to adjust to this year.

Q: After losing 13 pounds this summer, do you think your role as a rushing QB will expand this season?

 A: Potentially, if it’s the right situation for something like that then I believe so. But that’s just going to come down to Coach Mullen and the coaching staff’s play-calling, and if they believe it’s the right situation for something like that then I feel like I’ll be improved, as far as comparing my running ability to last year.

 Q: Who are some of the young guys on the offensive line who have started games yet that have impressed you?

 A: “The good thing for our O-line is that they got to get a lot of experience last year, and we had a lot of young guys coming in, and a lot of them, they got to get some playing time last year, and that’s really showing this year. I feel like there's a good number of guys that are going to be ready to go on Saturday.”

 Q: What’s your confidence in the offensive line group as a whole?

 A: I’m very confident in their level. It’s one of the closest groups on the team, and I know they’re going to be dialed in on Saturday. I think the main thing they’ve improved on is just consistency, you know getting that push and making a new line of scrimmage. I see they’ve done a great job and they’ll be ready to go.