Daily Football Fix: Two SEC teams can still happen

Pat Dooley
Gator Sports

The Daily Football Fix is counting down the days until the real season starts, because until the SEC plays a game everything else is for kicks and giggles.

Today we look at what the decision by the Big Ten did to the SEC's chances of getting two teams into the College Football Playoff.

Let us remember that it has already happened for this league before there was COVID-19. But that was back when the SEC only played eight conference games and laughed at anyone who suggested it play more.

This — as we know — will be different. But the 10-game schedule could end up helping the SEC as much as hurting it when it comes to the CFP.

Here's one reason why — even if the Pac-12 tries to get into the mix, there isn't a team that would have much of a chance to put together a body of work. Oregon might be really good, but had issues before several players opted out.

The threat instead comes from the Big Ten, and especially Ohio State, which may be the best team in the country. OK, that takes up a spot. The Big Ten shouldn't hold its breath hoping for a second one. And if Ohio State stubs its toe with an eight-game schedule, there are no guarantees for the Buckeyes.

The four best teams will get in, according to the committee, so isn't this true — if there is a one-loss team and a no-loss team in the SEC (they played in the title game) with the schedule each will have played, is there any way to exclude the one-loss team?

All we are saying is throw one of the SEC teams in the CFP bracket. Not so fast my friend.

It's up to the conference to play at a high level, not have any big upsets and not have any games cancelled. But not only is it possible to still get two teams in, it's a pretty good bet.

So here is the Pat Dooley Bracket:

1. Alabama

2. Clemson

3. Ohio State

4. Florida

Check back with me in a month.