Daily Football Fix: The new normal gets less normal

Pat Dooley
Gator Sports

The Daily Football Fix responds to the news of the day in this crazy football world we live in:

I've been around a long time. Covered many a football season. Used to write my stories on a typewriter and drink with the coaches after the game.

But I never thought I would need a handbook to figure out a college football season.

Now, the Big "When" decided the time had come (like Jimmy Chitwood in "Hoosiers") to play some ball.

After swearing not to revisit its decision to postpone the season, the league did revisit the decision and realized it might have been carried out in haste.

Welcome back Big Ten and we noticed you left your little brother at home this time.

The Pac-12 isn't sure what it will do except eat the dust of the other Power 5 leagues. I get it because they are dealing with hot spots and hotter spots between COVID-19 and the fires. 

What? The murder hornets took the week off?

Anyway, the Big Ten will play eight games, maybe, and finish up in lockstep with the SEC, ACC and Big 12. So you cynics out there can forget about the asterisk you had been crocheting to slap on the national championship team this season.

Still, we are sitting here wondering if we go ahead and include the Big Ten teams we think will be good in our Top 25s even though they won't start for another five-plus weeks and we still have a week and a -half before the SEC starts.

I mean, how are we supposed to vote on the Heisman Trophy when one team plays eight games and another plays 11? And because the Big Ten has put stringent guidelines down that includes missing three weeks if you test positive, we're one outbreak away from a program shutting it down for the season if an entire position room is out.

Don't get me wrong. I am happy to see the Big Ten back in action. It means we are setting up for one of the greatest Novembers in the history of sports. As long as everyone stays diligent.

Meanwhile, I await instructions. 

Do we vote in the AP poll this week and include the Big Ten? Sorry, Army and Louisiana, you are going to have to win a lot more than one game to get back in.

I had Ohio State No. 1 in my preseason poll. I guess I put them back at the top where it will stay for more than a month because it can't lose if it doesn't play.

You know me and you know I love to vote on all things college football. I'm just so confused right now.

Imagine being on the College Football Playoff committee.

"Let's see here, we have Ohio State at 6-1 because there was a game the Bucks had to cancel and they didn't qualify for the championship. We have 9-1 Alabama and 8-2 Florida. We have 10-1 Oklahoma. The Big Ten champion Penn State gets in, but what do we do with Oregon at  4-0?"


We told you this was going to be a season that will be the strangest we've seen. And until the SEC starts next weekend it hasn't really started yet.

All we know for sure is that there are going to be some amazing books and documentaries about the 2020 college football season.

If you like your seasons to be nice and tidy, organized and clean, forget about it. This one looks like a dorm room.