UF sees increase in COVID-19 cases, pauses lacrosse and baseball activities

Robbie Andreu
Gator Sports
Florida coach Dan Mullen said Monday, “we’ve felt the impact of it on different things within the program, but not anything that threw us off,” he said. “Hey, you have guys having to quarantine, you have guys having to isolate at different times. But the program as a whole has continued to move forward. And it probably hurts a little bit more on individual growth with each person that we've dealt with throughout the whole time."

A little bit more than two weeks into the semester, COVID-19 is starting to have a more significant impact on Florida athletics.

On Tuesday, the UAA announced it is pausing all athletic activity in baseball and lacrosse due to a spike in positive tests, while it posted that there have been six more positive tests on the football team in the last week.

Dating back to May 26, the football team has had 28 positive tests on campus. The Gators had not had a positive test from early July until one was reported last week. There now have been seven positive tests in September.

 As of Monday, lacrosse reported 31 positive cases and baseball 15, leading the school to pause activity in both programs..

Those student-athletes who tested positive, along with their respective contacts, will follow quarantine guidelines until they are cleared by health officials.