Daily Football Fix: The poll positions

Pat Dooley
Gator Sports

The Daily Football Fix today takes a look at the strange way we are doing the rankings for college football and what might make it better.

When the Associated Press made the decision to go ahead and do the rankings even though there are only 76 teams playing, my reaction was the same as always.

Good. I like doing the poll and what harm does it really do? The College Football Playoff Committee will glance at it, but they will spend way more time discussing their rankings than any AP or Coaches Poll ranker does on his or her's. 

But in preparation for the first Saturday where there were multiple games that mattered, I sketched out the template for a poll vote die early Sunday. There had been enough that had happened off the field and a few things on it so I could have a pretty good idea what it would be unless there were upsets.

The problem? Even with so many teams playing for the first time Saturday and so many more with no losses because they won't play for two more weeks, it was difficult to find 25 worthy teams.

Maybe this year we should cut it back to 20. I know the 25 is a tradition. But it feels like 20 is enough this year.

Heck, 15 might be enough.

But a voter must do his or her due diligence and watch a lot of football every Saturday for the next four months to make a proper vote. At least that's what I tell my wife.