Daily Football Fix: November to remember?

Pat Dooley
Gator Sports

The Daily Football Fix took a break from GameDay to look ahead at what could be an interesting month down the line for college football.

The reality is that you shouldn't even think about it.

November. We always look forward to it, but there's no telling who will be playing or whether college football will be playing. Usually, it's where the College Football Playoff talk gets serious and the bowls start to shape up.

But on the closest thing to the start of this football season today, we already saw a rivalry game postponed because one team can't follow the rules (we're looking at you Virginia Tech).

But let's hope we get to November with games being played and (fingers crossed) more fans able to attend them. Who knows? The other two Power Five conferences may have joined us by that month.

Anyway, if we get there, these are five games you won't want to miss. And hopefully won't have to miss.

1. Clemson at Notre Dame Nov. 7: This could be an elimination game or it could be the first of three meetings between the two teams. Think about it.

2. Florida-Georgia Nov. 7: There are a lot of land mines these two teams will have to negotiate before they get to Jax, but my how big this could be.

3. Alabama at LSU Nov. 14: The Masters leads us into this game. We're not sure about how good LSU will be, but it could be something special.

4. Miami at Virginia Tech Nov. 14: Call it a hunch, but this could be for the spot on one sideline in the ACC title game.

5. Oklahoma State at Oklahoma Nov. 21: Bedlam could be about as big as it can get.