Florida records that are possible

Pat Dooley
Gator Sports

We continue with the Daily Football Fix by bringing you some records that might be broken this year. We might be stretching it in a couple of cases, because of a 10-game season.

1. Tight end catches for a game.

The record is nine and shared by three players — Bill Dowdy in 1969, Chris Faulkner in 1982 and Aaron Hernandez in 2009 (against the dreaded Seminoles). Kyle Pitts has a shot because we have seen how Dan Mullen likes to stay with the guy who is hot. Teams ate going to try to take Pitts out of the offense so his teammates will have to step up big time.

2. Sacks for a season.

Yes, we should tap the breaks on this because it has been more than two decades since Alex Brown had 13 in 1999 and this year's pass rushers will have only 10 games plus one bowl game or perhaps two playoff games. Call it a gut feeling that Florida will be playing far ahead a lot this year and forcing teams to throw.

3. Rushing yards for a game.

In the name of Tim Tebow, how dare you think that record will be broken. Well, it's actually a record set by Jeff Driskel against Vandy in 2012 with 177 yards. Kyle Trask isn't breaking this record, but there is a scenario where — either because of injury or COVID-19 — that Emory Jones gets a start and we see what a full game of him running past people looks like. Hey, we said some of these may be stretching it.

4. Field goal percentage for a career.

In the case of Evan McPherson, it's more about him keeping pace with his record than breaking it because he could be here for two more years (thanks to the NCAA ruling). Eddy Pineiro has the record at 88.4 percent. McPherson is at 89.5 percent. 

5. Completions in a game.

We're not ruling it out. The record is 36 completions that Rex Grossman threw in 2002 against Georgia. In his first four starts, Trask averaged 25.5 completions. That feels like a ways off, but with all of the screens and short passes he throws you could see a game where he gets there. Don't forget, when Grossman set the record, Steve Spurrier was gone and the offense had a bunch of bubble screens.