Daily Football Fix returns

Pat Dooley
Gator Sports
Daily Football Fix graphic

You didn't think we would forget our annual Daily Football Fix, did you? We've been kind of distracted, but here's the first one of the offseason and we will provide them until the first Monday of Florida's first game week of this crazy season.

Today: The sleepers. Five teams that are not ranked now but will be at some point in the season.

1. Mississippi State: It was not the offseason coach Mike Leach had hoped for with players leaving, no spring to install his system and two extra SEC games added. But this is a guy whose play sheet is an old Publix receipt and he will find a way to win enough games to be relevant.

2. Baylor: The Bears lost a lot of defensive talent, their best receiver and, oh yeah, their coach. But as long as Charlie Brewer is behind center and the schedule is so soft (especially early), we'll pay attention. Look for a 4-0 start.

3. Miami: Forget last season. There is enough talent to get through this schedule (especially because the 'Canes will miss Notre Dame). It's not a pleasant thought, but Miami has a chance to win seven or eight games.

4. SMU: All of the attention in the American Conference will be UCF and Cincy, but Sonny Dykes is doing a heckuva job. If they get past TCU next Friday night that might be enough to propel the Mustangs in the rankings. 

5. Kentucky: Can we even refer to the Wildcats as a sleeper team anymore? Coach Mark Stoops knows how to win games no matter what hand is dealt with the possible exception of the Florida game each year. Kentucky is a football program, and it's been a long time since we could say that.