How many UF football games will you attend?

Steve Spurrier chats with Charles Barkley and Paul Azinger during the opening ceremony at the 12th annual Barkley Bean Bryant & Friends celebrity golf tournament at the YMCA Par 3 course home of The First Tee in Lakeland in 2017. [ERNST PETERS/THE LEDGER]
There is so much going on in the world and we have to do everything we can over here in the sports pages to try to have a little fun (remember in the old days when the rest of the other employees at newspapers used to refer to us as the Toy Department? No? You’re too young.)
And with very little going on with actual sports I have tried to do some different things, including these occasional Twitter polls, to let fans let us know what they are thinking.
No, it’s not an excuse for an easy column. (Please, no lie detector test).
It’s simply something to pass the time until we get to the major sports again (although golf is a major sport to me because it’s the only one I can play).
Here are a dozen questions I put out there for those who follow me on Twitter. (Those who don’t are missing a lot of retweets of Rex Chapman and Frank Caliendo.)
No. 1: Including the FSU and Georgia games, UF plays nine games this season in the state. How many do you plan to attend? (769 votes)
All 9 … 12.7%
6-8 … 12.6%
2-5 … 29.4%
Zero point zero … 45.3%
I’m a little surprised that many people would say they don’t plan to go to any games and the numbers may be skewed because of our place in time right now. Maybe it will be different in August.
But I certainly get any trepidation you may have with so many states dealing with an increase in positive COVID-19 tests.
No. 2: What percentage of snaps will UF QB Emory Jones take this season? (734 votes)
10 percent … 27.2%
15 percent … 31.7%
20 percent … 28.3%
25 or more percent … 12.7%
I get this question a lot from fans and the truth is that we are simply guessing. We are all smart enough to know that anything can happen with injuries. How many snaps did you think Kyle Trask would get heading into last season?
No. 3: Would you take the top three teams that are favorites to win it all (Clemson, Ohio State, Alabama) or take the field? (680 votes)
The favorites … 53.7%
The field … 46.3%
Because Florida is part of that field, I get why it is so close. Plus, we have no idea which teams will handle this unusual way of preparing for a season.
No. 4: Would you take the two Heisman Trophy favorites (Trevor Lawrence and Justin Fields) or the field? (628 votes)
Favorites … 44.7%
The field … 55.3%
Again, Trask is part of the field and we know that Heisman winners often are not players we thought were favorites going into the season. Think Joe Burrow, Lamar Jackson, Johnny Manziel, even Tim Tebow.
No. 5: You could have any of these former Florida Gators in your golf foursome. Who would it be? (1,532 votes)
Emmitt Smith … 7.6%
Steve Spurrier … 72.3%
Tim Tebow … 14.8%
Danny Wuerffel … 5.4%
I’m not surprised the Ambassador was first, but am surprised it was by such a wide margin. I thought Tebow would give him a battle. But you obviously prefer to have your own Spurrier golf stories to share with friends.
No. 6: Which team would win a College Football Playoff style national championship? (805 votes)
2008 Gators … 80.5%
1995 Gators … 19.5%
This was added because of several conversations I’ve had with Chris Doering about how the only Florida team to win every regular season game and the SEC Championship Game is underrated. Maybe he is right.
No. 7: Which team wins a College Football style playoff among these teams? (718 votes)
2006 Gators … 31.6%
1996 Gators … 41.8%
2001 Gators … 21%
1984 Gators … 5.6%
No love for the ‘84 Gators? Interesting.
No. 8: Should I stop having a Tweet of the Week in my column? (460 votes)
Yes … 13.3%
No … 63.3%
I never read that far … 23.5%
This question comes from a question I threw out there in my column and podcast. People who responded via email gave a slight edge to keeping it going, but obviously Twitter followers like Twitter. I guess. So the Tweet of the Week will return next week.
No. 9: Which team are you most happy is not on Florida’s 2020 schedule? (903 votes)
Alabama … 52.6%
Miami … 4.8%
Ohio State … 23.4%
Georgia Southern … 19.3%
You had to give this one some thought, but you obviously want to save the Tide for the SEC title game. I’d have voted for Miami after being around that fanbase last season.
No. 10: What do you think is the most important part of being a successful head coach? (1,075 votes)
Recruiting … 20.8%
Game day coaching … 16.5%
Developing players … 58.3%
Discipline … 4.4%
You overwhelmingly voted for Dan Mullen’s strength. I can’t argue with that. But I was stunned that Game Day Coaching didn’t get more votes.
No. 11: If they start serving beer in the stadium would that make you more likely to attend a game or less likely? (758 votes)
More likely … 30.7%
Less likely … 6.7%
I don’t care … 62.5%
This was the most interesting answer. Especially that most people don’t care. We’ll see what happens in the future.
No. 12: Should Florida bring back the SEC title teams from 1990, ’84 and ’85 that were stripped with some kind of acknowledgment on the stadium walls? (670 votes)
Yes … 78.1%
No … 21.9%
They were up there for a while but were taken down once Spurrier left for the NFL. I lobbied in print for them to be removed because I didn’t think it was a good idea to have teams up there that required uncomfortable explanations. But it does feel like the 1984 team especially — the first Florida team that won it — needs more recognition. You clearly feel that way as well. Or maybe you just want that ’90 team that did nothing wrong to be honored.
So there you have it and another one could be coming soon as we battle the humidity throughout the summer. I appreciate everyone who voted. Maybe we should do our elections on Twitter (just kidding, don’t @ me.)
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  1. Years ago, buddy of mine played golf in a foursome just ahead of Spur-dog. He said Spur was not very friendly at all, taciturn. My buddy was put off at his behavior, and he said he wasn’t hitting well, so we reckoned he gets a little ornery when he’s losing, sounds about right? …..but we both, still, consider him the most interesting guy EVER on the Sunday morning game reviews and as a commentator, his frankness is refreshing.

    The interview recently on the 90s Gators was just awesome, thanks for that.

  2. ”The 1984 NCAA Division I-A football season was topsy-turvy from start to finish. It ended with the BYU Cougars being bestowed their first and only national championship by beating Michigan in the Holiday Bowl.” -Wiki.

    Since most of those who voted (APPARENTLY) weren’t there to see them, I know the FLORIDA TEAM IN ’84 WAS THE BEST TEAM IN COLLEGE FOOTBALL AFTER THANKSGIVING. But then I was only 16, so what I do I know? Well, BYU won it all! I knew more than those who didn’t vote for the ’84 team. And don’t bring up ”NCAA violations.” What are the NCAA & SEC doing to LSU and Will Wade (Head Coach of LSU’s Men’s Basketball) who brags about ”paying the NBA MINIMUM to star recruits?” Answer: NOTHING!