Observations of first round of NFL draft

(AP Photo/Keith Srakocic, File)

So, yes, I watched the first round of the NFL draft. I never even switched away during the commercials.

And here are a dozen observations about the first virtual draft in these different times:

  1. Did everyone lock their dogs outside? The over/under in Vegas was that the drafted players would have 3.5 dogs in the picture. 
  2. The broadcast was 30 minutes old before the second player was taken. So it wasn’t really that different than normal.
  3. It was predictable early mainly because teams didn’t want to make those big trades.
  4. I’m happy for Tua Tagovailoa. And I’m happy for Miami. The Dolphins would have done Justin Hebert a disservice to take him because Dolfans wanted Tua so bad.
  5. CJ Henderson continues a tradition of the Jaguars to be in love with Gator players. I think we all approve of that. People who don’t know Henderson made a lot of comments about how he looked upset when Jax took him. That’s just the way he is, very unemotional.
  6. Henry Ruggs to the Raiders tells us that the ghost of Al Davis is still around. He loved speed more than football skills.
  7. It made sense for the Bucs to take an offensive lineman to protect Tom Brady, but you wonder if a rookie is the answer at tackle. And by the time he comes around, Brady could be on a different beach.
  8. I do not like the Cowboys and they have me now officially scared with the addition of CeeDee Lamb. If this offense isn’t averaging in the 30s with all of that talent and finally a coach who understands offense, there should be an investigation.
  9. Lot of emotions Thursday night and the one that got to me was Iowa’s Cesar Ruiz crying his eyes out thinking about his late father. 
  10. Aaron Rodgers might have kicked a trash can when the Packers drafted Jordan Love. 
  11. Kansas City added Clyde Edwards-Helaire with the last pick. Oh, because the offense needed a boost. Dude can ball and Patrick Mahomes is gonna love him.
  12. The SEC has 15 of the 32 first-round players. No other league had more than five. The SEC West had 11 of those players. Welcome to your new jobs as head coaches in the SEC West, Mike Leach, Lane Kiffin and Sam Pittman.