Some questions have answers

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I asked a handful of questions of my Twitter followers last week and I will get to those in a minute. But first, some questions for you readers.
1. When you finally wear a real dress shirt again, will you need help remembering how to button it up?
2. Do you now have day sweatpants and night sweatpants?
3. Have you bet someone in your house on the winner of a replay of an old game neither of you knew the score to?
4. Have you created any kind of a golf course in your yard or putt-putt course in your home?
5. Is your dog sick of you?
6. Are you embarrassed at the sound your blue recycling bin makes when all of those bottles clang together on pick-up day?
7. Do you like pina coladas and getting caught in the rain?
OK, enough of that. As you can tell, I’m losing it like so many of you staying at home, but I keep telling myself every morning when I wake up that we are one day closer to football season. And then I spend the day watching the news and realize we might have been set back another month.
But getting back to the point, I asked these questions one day while waiting for a bunch of phone calls and thought I would share the results as well as my opinions.
What game on Florida’s schedule scares you the most? (705 votes).
Kentucky … 3.3%
LSU …12.1%
Georgia … 69.2%
At Ole Miss …15.5%
Well yeah, the Georgia game is the one that will likely be the biggest of the season, but the one that should scare you is that trip to Oxford. What is amazing is so few of you are worried about a Kentucky team that beat Florida two years ago and should have beaten the Gators last year.
Should Urban Meyer — the only person who has qualified under UF’s rules — go into the Ring of Honor? (1,260 votes):
Two NC’s, absolutely … 50.1%
Over my dead body …10.2%
Yes, but not ready yet … 28.4%
Yes, but I can still boo … 11.2%
So this became an interesting subject of conversation all over the Web even though it’s a question many of us in the media have asked many times before.
I was a little surprised at the vote because at Gator Club meetings it has been almost the opposite.
Look, Florida has quietly been gauging when the time will be right for it to happen. Maybe we are all a little kinder and gentler when we get back to the new normal.
It will happen. It’s just a question of when.
Toughest loss ever? (1,343 votes):
Auburn ’94 … 10.9%
Alabama ’99 … 5.3%
Tennessee ’01 … 60.6%
Lindsay Scott ’80 … 23.2%
That sting of 2001 will never go away, but the Alabama loss was so bloody painful it took awhile to get over, too. Maybe I should have included the Choke at Doak.
Loudest you’ve ever heard the Swamp (1,529 votes):
Blocked kick vs. SC ’06 … 39.1%
Stewart Pick-Six LSU ’18 …11.5%
Quez behind FSU D ’97 … 29.2%
Perine gone Auburn ’19 … 20.2%
Pretty close vote here and I didn’t include the 1993 FSU game just before Charlie Ward and Warrick Dunn inserted the dagger. A lot of people brought it up in the comments.
The loudest I ever heard it was the Cock Block, but the loudest sustained noise was the Auburn game in 2019. That’s my opinion.
Biggest position of worry on 2020 Florida football team? (1,700 votes).
Tailback … 10%
Middle LB … 53.5%
Center … 25.4%
Edge rusher … 11.2%
Totally agree. David Reese was a little underrated at UF.
Favorite tailgate food? (496 votes).
Ribs … 12.1%
Wings … 36.1%
Burgers and dogs … 43.8%
There’s food? … 8.1%
Oh, Dools, you’re a funny guy. I have been told by many people that by not including Publix subs, my poll was considered to be invalid. I also should have remembered deviled eggs.
Player that most belongs in the Ring of Honor: (865 votes).
Carlos Alvarez …16.5%
Alex Brown … 12.1%
Percy Harvin … 47.7%
Lomas Brown … 23.6%
Based on his play on the football field, I agree. I should put on the field in bold. Off the field is another story.
If you could win one game to spoil another team’s season? (1,143 votes).
FSU … 32.8%
LSU … 2.7%
Georgia … 61.5%
Tennessee … 3%
Florida has so many rivals, but the level of hatred towards those rivals is cyclical. There doesn’t seem to be much question where the venom is directed these days.
Game on the line, two-point conversion play. Whatdya got? (689 votes). ·
Rollout pass … 42.2%
Some kind of reverse … 3.8%
Read option … 33.5%
Jump pass … 20.5%
You just don’t get it, do you? The reverse always works. I will go to my grave believing that.
What are you looking forward to the most when we resume playing football? (689 votes).
Tailgating … 16.3%
Celebrating … 27.3%
Watching other games … 31.9%
Being around friends … 24.4%
Really, the answer is all of the above.
Best chance to lead the SEC in a statistical category? (491 votes).
Kyle Trask … 42.8%
Marco Wilson … 2.2%
Lorenzo Lingard … 0.6%
Kyle Pitts … 54.4%
I’ll bring this back up to you if the Miami transfer rushes for more than 1,000 yards.
The first Mr. Two Bits when Florida returns to action should be? (1,012 votes).
Pete Alonso … 33.7%
A Ring of Honor member … 23.8%
Laura Rutledge … 20.8%
Ahmad Black … 21.6%
Black, the All-American safety, tweeted out that it should be a doctor or nurse from Shands and then Danny Wuerffel retweeted and asked Gator Nation about it. So we know the right answer is none of the above and I’d be stunned if it wasn’t one of our heroes from the front lines.
Florida’s first game this football season will be played in: (636 votes).
Sept. … 56.4%
Oct. … 32.4%
Nov. … 7.7%
Dec. … 3.5%
You guys are really optimistic. I wish you were correct. It might be February.
But we’ll keep stories and columns and lists coming until we get there. Maybe a new series of poll questions next month. What month is this anyway? Did I wear this T-shirt yesterday? What day is it?
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  1. Yea, that ’80 game sucked! I was a tearing-up middle school kid that day awful, shocking day. But Fromm slinging it all over the Gators didn’t feel too great, either. The ’80 game was just a mind-blower, though, deep in their own territory… ugh!

    Anyway, Pat, ”Should Urban Meyer — the only person who has qualified under U.F.’s rules — go into the Ring of Honor?” At first, when originally discussed, I opposed it. Now if Urban is going to ”stay retired” and not beat Florida with a Buckeye in his pocket (”Brass in pocket” is better anyhow! Look it up, young’ins, it’s a great tune) then O.K. Urban’s been humbled by life (like most of us over 40) and so, hell yea! Give the Gators Urban era props! He won more NATTY’S at Florida than Ohio State! CHOMP-CHOMP, Buckeye!