The Sunday Blog: LSU in great spot


The Sunday Blog comes at you after a great trip to St. Augustine and a College Football Playoff that is finally set in stone instead of speculation.

* So if nobody wants to play Clemson, why wasn’t Clemson No. 1? Well, we know why based on resumes. I will tell you that I had Clemson second on my AP ballot ahead of Ohio State based totally on eye test. LSU could not have asked for a better situation, especially the Tiger fans. You play a flawed Oklahoma team, avoid Clemson and get to play in Atlanta and then New Orleans. I have had LSU at No. 1 without wavering since very early in the season. If I were a betting man, I’d take those Tigers over the ones from South Carolina. I was looking forward to a Clemson-LSU semifinal. By the way, think about this — if we were using the old BCS, the defending national champs would have gone unbeaten and have no chance to win the national title. 

* Interesting sound bite from Kirby Smart after his team was dissected by LSU. To paraphrase, he said the problems for Georgia were because he hasn’t recruited very well at wide receiver. Man, I hope he doesn’t back the bus over those guys. 

* My dad made a great point Sunday morning and it was this — if Joe Burrow didn’t have the season he had, the Heisman Trophy race would be wide open. I am sending my vote in later today and cannot reveal it, but you can guess who I’m voting for first. It won’t be unanimous because there are always people who want to be different. But two and three are really tough choices. During my drive home I thought I had decided, but then I got home and I am still scratching my head. Time to make a decision.

* It was hardly a surprise that Ole Miss and FSU made their coaching hires as soon as the season ended and on the surface they look like very good hires. FSU’s Mike Norvell had a wonderful season but let’s not forget that in the three years prior to this one at Memphis (where he inherited excellent players), his teams lost 14 games. And Ole Miss’ Lane Kiffin will at least make SEC Media Days interesting. We know the previous commish of the SEC wasn’t a fan on Kiffin’s, but I’m sure Greg Sankey will at least wait until the first time Kiffin says something dumb or Tweets something that makes the league look bad. I’m putting the over/under at mid-September.


  1. Pat, I’d like proof that “the old BCS” would have the Fightin’ Dabos on the outside looking in. Has someone attempted to recreate what the BCS rankings would’ve said? I find that interesting, since after the AP disallowed the use of it’s poll, the BCS developed its own poll, which I’m pretty sure is now defunct. Still, it should be possible to recreate the BCS rankings using the AP (assuming the cops don’t haul you to jail for illegal use of intellectual property), the Coaches Poll, and the same computer polls as used by “the old BCS”.

    The telling thing here isn’t the fact that the old BCS would have Clemson outside the top 4, if that’s even true, it’s the fact that the BCS rankings could actually be calculated! Unlike the “selections” of the CFP Selection Committee to their invitational tournament, the BCS criteria was public knowledge, and the formula for blending the data into percentage scores was published with each iteration of the rankings. All we get from the Selection Committee are the lame ramblings of its chairman, in this case Rob Mullens, about the Committee’s “feelings” which led them to their current assessment of the teams.

    So what if the BCS rankings would have left Clemson out of a four team playoff? What does being the defending champion have to do with it? In fact, since there’s turnover every year on CFB teams, this isn’t the same team that won last years NC. Name for me the teams that Clemson has beaten that are now in the CFP top 25. Let me see, there’s Virginia and….uh….Virginia? Clemson hung 62 on the Cavs, but only put up 59 on Wofford. Go Terriers!

    In my opinion, the BCS usually got it right. Anybody here wanna argue that the BCS got it wrong in 2006 and 2008, even though 12-0 Boise State was excluded in 2006 and 12-0 Utah was excluded in 2008? I’ll take transparent objectivity over smokey backroom subjectivity any day.