The Picks: Where will the Gators go bowling?

A Florida fan holds up a sign during the second half of an NCAA college football game between Missouri and Florida Saturday, Nov. 16, 2019, in Columbia, Mo. Florida won 23-6. (AP Photo/Jeff Roberson)
Where will Gators go bowling?
We are inching closer to knowing which teams are going to be in the playoffs and which teams are headed to which bowls, but in reality we are still a long ways off.
Because as I was reading up on some scenarios and making a few phone calls, there were these tidbits that struck me:
1. Wake Forest benefited by losing to Clemson. Any chance the Deacons have of going to the Orange Bowl require Clemson going to the playoffs or the Tigers would take that spot.
2. The Orange Bowl could have a real mess on its hands, because it has to take an ACC team and likely will end up with at least a four-loss team. And I think it is at least possible, depending on the chaos, that Miami could end up in the Orange Bowl. That can’t be right.
3. Florida is going to the Cotton, Orange or Citrus if the Gators beat FSU next week. The Gators need two SEC teams to make the playoffs to get into the New Year’s Six bowls. I know there are a lot of you out there who are cringing at the thought of going back to the Citrus Bowl because you had a bad experience there for Florida-Miami. And I am one of those people.
4. And the Gators would probably play the Big Ten runner-up in the Citrus assuming Ohio State wins the conference, so Wisconsin or Minnesota.
5. If Ohio State wins out, the Buckeyes would be No. 1 over LSU. But the interesting thing is that if Georgia wins out and then wins the SEC Championship Game and makes the playoffs, the site for Ohio State and the other playoff teams will depend on where Georgia is seeded. Like, if Georgia was No. 3, the committee wouldn’t make No. 2 play in Atlanta.
Now I’m confused, and we all know what craziness could ensue to make everything moot. I don’t think a whole lot will happen this Saturday because the schedule of games stinks on ice. Thanks for nothing.
The Picks had a good week, going 9-1 for an overall record of 94-31. Dr. Football still hasn’t had a perfect record this season, but before we get to my latest attempt to go 10-0, let us salute the nine FBS teams who have been perfect.
Perfect, in that none of them have won a conference game — Akron, Arkansas, New Mexico, Northwestern, Old Dominion, Rutgers, South Alabama, UNLV and UTEP. As they used to say on the old “Hee Haw” show (RIP Roy Clark), “Saaaaaa-lute!.”
PENN STATE AT OHIO STATE: I wonder how many times ESPN’s GameDay has been to a site where one team was an 18-point favorite. And both teams were in the top 10. I wonder. No, YOU look it up. Ohio State, 40-21.
TEXAS A&M AT GEORGIA: How into this game would Gator fans have been if Auburn had won last week? Now, not so much. Georgia, 28-24.
TENNESSEE AT MISSOURI: There are a lot of bowl executives waiting to see if Missouri gets bowl eligible AND whether the school wins its appeal. Trust me, the NCAA won’t leave any bowl hanging. Missouri, 24-21.
PITT AT VIRGINIA TECH: This is a set-up for what could be a huge Virginia-Tech game for the Coastal title and the opportunity to get boat-raced by Clemson. Virginia, 25-19.
MICHIGAN AT INDIANA: Could Michigan be looking ahead to next week? I hope so. But I doubt it. Michigan, 31-24.
ILLINOIS AT IOWA: Look, I said this was a rough week for games. Iowa, 23-20.
TEXAS AT BAYLOR: Memo to the Longhorns — We’ll let you know when you’re back. Baylor, 27-21.
SMU AT NAVY: If Memphis loses to Cincinnati this week, this game is for the American West title. Probably. I think so, anyway. SMU, 24-23.
ARKANSAS AT LSU: It is an unfortunate rule that I have to pick any game involving two SEC teams. Actually, it’s more of a guideline than a rule. (Name the movie.) LSU, 45-3. And “Ghostbusters”.
LAFAYETTE AT LEHIGH: Because it’s the 150th year of college football, why not pick The Rivalry, which started back when Sigmund Freud and Mark Twain were popular writers? Think how far we have come. Lehigh, 30-21.
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  1. Yup, we all cringe at the thought of going back to Orlando for a bowl game, where Miami beat the hell out of us in the season opener this year. Stomped us into grease spots, they did — so bad in fact that we thought for sure this would be the season that Florida would drop football for good out of sheer humiliation. No doubt, Pat. Well, maybe next year you’ll get your wish.

  2. “The Gators need two SEC teams to make the playoffs to get into the New Year’s Six bowls.” — WHY???

    Four SEC teams ranked in the top 10 made NY-6 bowls last year and only Bama made the playoffs. Why can’t that scenario repeat this year?

  3. I’m just hoping we see as many upsets as possible and I’ll still be rooting for A&M to beat UGA. Don’t care if they are a shoe in for ATL or not. I think the LSU vs Arky score could get out of hand if LSU wants it to. It literally could be the 82-6 type score that the OBC put on Southern Miss back in the day.

    • Don’t root for SEC teams’ losses that don’t help the Gators and UGA losing to A&M won’t help the Gators at all. We need the SEC to remain high in the CFP Committee’s esteem, as that always gives the Gators the benefit of their doubt when it counts, in the final ranking.

      Actually, the Gators will be helped most by UGA winning out and upsetting LSU in the SECC game. THAT is likely to land them BOTH in the CFP and just about guarantee the Gators a spot in the Cotton Bowl after they beat FSU.

  4. Also, Gatorsports needs to figure out their stupid paywall. I’ve paid yet sometimes have to log in like 25 times to get past the wall. The next time I’ll just cancel my subscription and move on to another pay site like 247Swamp…just saying. Get your stuff together people.

    • Wadeless, the Gatorsports site uses cookies to keep track of your logins. If your web browser is set to delete history and cookies upon exit, you’re wiping out the info on your device the pay wall used to let you back in without logging in again.

      That said, after a set number of site accesses (don’t know how many) the pay wall deletes its own cookie and forces a fresh login. It seems to happen to me about once a week, but is not consistent, which leads me to believe it counts accesses and not days.

      Hope this helps.

  5. I dot “cringe” at going back to the Citrus Bowl! Im hoping for it! Why would you “cringe”? This is a different year! I want the Gators to play in a New Years day bowl and its the only one available for them! New Years day bowls are premium viewing in this nation. I dont care about no stinking NY-6 bowls because several of them have bad nights to play on, too many people wont see us play. Just because they are called NY-6 doesnt make them top tier! what makes a bowl top tier is WHEN its played! Again, WHEN ITS PLAYED! the rest is just in some people’s imagination!
    The Citrus bowl is a premium time slot, noon on New Years day! Everybody full of food, lounging around the TV. The parade just ended, perfect!!! we will steam roll WI or MN(best matchups we could hope for) and show how much BETTER the SEC is !!!! NY-6 bowls are: Rose Bowl, Sugar Bowl, Orange Bowl, Cotton Bowl, Peach Bowl, and Fiesta Bowl. 4 of which arent even played on new years day! The Cotton is at NOON on a sat., who’s at home at noon on a sat, everyone I know is out doing stuff, especially the sat after Thanksgiving! who’s going to see us?
    BTW LSU will BEAT GA and Im glad if that gets us to the Citrus Bowl! So we can beat the stuffing out of the BIG TEN! and show they are the little 9 plus 1!