Sunday Blog: Missouri wasn’t coming back on Florida

Florida defensive lineman Kyree Campbell applies pressure on Missouri quarterback Kelly Bryant during the second half Saturday in Columbia, Mo. Florida won 23-6. (AP Photo/Jeff Roberson)

The Sunday Blog comes at you from chilly Columbia, Mo., but we might have made too big a deal out of it. It was fine.

  1. I’m not trying to be mean here, but I get why Clemson changed quarterbacks last year. Kelly Bryant is an amazing athlete and difficult to get to the ground, but if you are counting on him to throw you to a win it’s probably not going to happen. He averaged 5.2 yards a pass attempt Saturday (and it was only that high because of a badly underthrown 44-yard pass) and Mizzou’s running game didn’t help any more than Florida’s helped Kyle Trask (9.2 yards a pass attempt). The key to Florida was playing from ahead and making Bryant throw the ball. I don’t know that I ever was more confident when Florida went up 20-6 than I have been in a long time. Missouri was not coming back.
  2. There were some great comebacks Saturday, especially Oklahoma’s against Baylor. And it was almost a great comeback for Auburn against Georgia. Georgia’s offense is still a mystery with five games failing to reach 400 yards. But they almost always seem to get enough to win the game. Not a lot, but just enough. Just like LSU’s defense plays just enough defense. It should be some game in Atlanta.
  3. We dismissed Jim McElwain as a buffoon as he exited Florida and this was definitely not the place for him. But he has found that niche and it is Central Michigan where his team scored 34 second-half points to beat Ball State 45-44. The Chippewas now have seven wins and yet, Mac is hoping the fans aren’t too upset with his team for winning the game, (That’s a joke).
  4. As we were watching games back at the hotel Saturday night and seeing scores, I told Robbie Andreu I was not looking forward to filling out the bottom half of my AP ballot Sunday morning. Too many teams lost on the lower half. But here it is: 1, LSU. 2. Ohio St.; 3. Clemson; 4. Ga.; 5. Oregon; 6. Bama; 7. Penn St.; 8. Utah; 9. Okla; 10. UF; 11. Minny; 12. Wiscy; 13. Mich; 14. ND; 15. Cincy; 16. Memphis; 17. Iowa; 18. Auburn; 19, Okla St.; 20. Baylor; 21; Boise; 22. Texas A&M; 23. App State; 24. SMU; 25. Virginia Tech.


  1. I never thought he was a buffoon; I thought he simply failed miserably to do what he was brought in and paid to do- turn the offense around. I don’t know why his offenses are better now (weaker competition I suppose) but they were utterly incompetent at Florida under him. He was incredibly lucky to have inherited some of the best defenses Florida has ever had (IMHO), which were totally wasted on his offenses, and lucky to be in the SEC East during its weakest period ever. For a while there the defense had a better chance of scoring than the offense. If Mullen had one of those defenses with this offense (competent but not great offense) we would probably win a NC this year. Mullen has shown how good he is at half time adjustments; Mac was the opposite of that- zero ability to make any adjustments at all. Please Dooley, do us all a favor and drop it with Mac.

    • Although I’m glad he’s gone, I have no problem talking about him. In fact, I think it’s something we shouldn’t forget, in order to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

      In Mac’s defense, I think there are two main reasons for his lack of offensive success. The first is personnel, and the other is assistant coaches. Except for the games with Grier at QB, Mac played with an FCS WR (Harris), an injury prone journeyman (Del Rio), and an unprepared, overwhelmed redshirt freshman (Franks). I think it’s also a given that Nussmier was in over his head, which likely had a lot to do with Franks being unprepared.

      Mac was likely in over his head, as well, as an SEC HC, but these are the two main reasons I think he failed to turn around the offense.

      • Mac, and Champ before him, were failed attempts by Jeremy Foley to deal with the post Saban reality of what it would take for Gator football to maintain the national relevance brought to us by Steve Spurrier and reinforced be Urban Meyer. It’s a problem that has also brought down other formerly illustrious programs at Nebraska, FSU and Miami. That problem is “investment,” LOTS OF IT! UF’s refusal to make the “proper investment” in its football program drove Mullen and Meyer out of Hogtown, and later drove Fisher out of Tally.

        Thankfully, Stricklin understands the problem and has committed to deal with it head on. That’s why Mullen is back in Hogtown and why the Gators’ future looks so bright.

        • StL, I think your theory of “investment” is correct. I do think it’s ironic, thought, that part of Mac’s downfall, as I understand it, was his rubbing Stricklin the wrong way by pressuring him about the football facility.

          • Remember, Stricklin saw the hash Mac made of the Gators’ S&C program after Michigan pushed them around in Dallas on opening day 2017. Hard to go to bat for a guy that didn’t make the most of what he already had control of.

          • Good point. That’s part of what I’m referring to as his poor choice of assistants. Mac is ultimately responsible for the failure of his S&C coach, whose name I don’t recall, just as Mullen gets credit for the success of Savage. Btw, I’d like to see Mullen give Savage some bigger D-linemen to work with.

  2. Yep, Florida was not the place for MAC, and I’m glad he’s finding some success. I know people who knew him as a player and a coach at Eastern Washington. They don’t remember him as a buffoon but as a good player and a pretty decent guy.

  3. Shame. This site has been extremely quiet, even after a win against an SEC East opponent. The Gatorsports staff know exactly how to increase forum activity. Just name drop “McElwain”, a person many Gator fans love to hate, and they will incite all the haters and lynch mob to come out of the woodworks. Boom! Problem solved…for the next couple of days anyways.

    Next time, why not try “Urban Meyer”, “Muschamp”, or “Zook”. If those don’t generate adequate activity, try “impeachment” but not necessarily politically related because that would be against forum rules. I’m peachy mentally BTW.

    • It has been beaten around inside-out, everybody has gotten their licks in and has come away with a pound of flesh, so we could still either burn or consume the man’s corpse I suppose. Or, we could all move on to an occasional reference properly contexted……but I suggest we just forget about it and focus on the here and freaking now together with the future. Maybe a better topic would be something relevant but with enough controversy, angst, and passion…, say, the coming Trask-Franks-Jones and Richardson nexus and how that plays out. Just sayin’.

      But it’s your dime, everybody so if this is what you want to spend it on, albeit ever so tiresome anymore, be my guest. God knows it’s better than nothing, which is what we more often get these days by way of posts.

    • You’re right, Sly. The site was much too quiet after a significant win, although, I’m guilty myself. I think that game accomplished a number of things. It was a convincing win at a place where the Gators have found little success, and it almost certainly guaranteed the Gators a better regular season record this season than last. At 10-2 with the only losses coming against the current #1 & #4 teams, I don’t see how they can be denied a New Year’s Six bowl, unless conference tie-ins get in the way.

      I think Trask’s performance against the #4 passing defense in the country, without the help of a competent running game, earned him the starting role next season. I know many are wanting Jones for his running ability, but if Trask is again passed over for an inferior passer who’s a better runner, the Gators’ record will suffer for it. Unless Jones shows himself to be Trask’s equal throwing the football, the job should go to Trask.

      Regarding Mac, I think most of the truly “hateful” comments are gone, but folks here don’t tend to forget easily. I think he’s a good coach who’s personality made him a bad fit at UF. I don’t think he was quite ready for a high profile, Power 5 position, and his poor choice of an OC doomed him.

  4. 1. Spot on about Kelly Bryant, Pat. The thing that makes it even tougher is the fact that he is such a fine young man. Stepped aside to make way for the more talented Trevor Lawrence. Gave up a NC ring to follow his path. Man of character.
    2. Sure wish that was us going to Atlanta
    3. Every time someone mentions The Yeti I’m reminded that even a great AD like Jeremy Foley can make a terrible mistake. And CJM is still a buffoon.
    4. You and Robbie still share a room on the road? That’s so cute! Do you request bunk beds and eat room service milk and cookies and wear your Gator PJ’s with the feet in them? Just kidding of course, I know you like a little good-natured ribbing once in a while at Gator Nation’s expense.

  5. I hate it when someone talks about how bad a player is because an awesome defense shut them down! Give credit where credit is due. Dude had alot of dropped passes. AND while Im there i think the stats need to be changed on pass attempts and completions. Penalysing a QB for a dropped pass makes no sense! Dropped passes should count as completions with an asterisk of the # of dropped like 22(3)-30 TO GIVE A MORE ACCURATE PIC. It would have to be catchable to count(no fingertips). Some guys like trask get blessed with a stable of great receivers and some QB’s have to deal with butterfingers. The current stats are NOT an accurate way of reflecting that and comparing QB’s talent.
    That OK-Baylor games was one of the best games Ive ever seen and well officiated(which is part of why it was so good- unlike the Al/LSU game which the ref’s may have changed the outcome of-they certainly muddied the waters)
    I totally disagree with this ballot and everyone else that voted to put teams ahead of UF that have 1 loss to Lower or unranked teams when UF’s only losses are to the #1 and #4 teams. My ballot would have been LSU, OhSt,Clem,Ga,Al,UF,Ok,PSU,Ut,Or.
    Or. lost to Auburn, Utah to USC, OK TO KSU AND PSU to Minn who just lost to Iowa.

  6. Ohio State # 2? C’mon, who have they beaten that’s really good? Wisconsin at No 13 or 14? LSU had to beat Alabama, Auburn and Florida, and Georgia had to beat Auburn and Florida. I look forward to Ohio State being beaten by Penn State and if they get through that I look forward to them getting trounced in the playoff. No one beats LSU, not unless someone finds a way to sack Joe Burrow more than once in a game.