Sunday Blog: No QB, little bit of quit = 56-0 beatdown

Florida wide receiver Trevon Grimes stiff-arms Vanderbilt defensive back Allan George during Saturday's the game at Ben Hill Griffin Stadium. Grimes went the distance from there to complete the 66-yard TD. [Matt Pendleton/Correspondent]

The Sunday Blog comes at you after in between football and basketball coverage and making sure my daughter has lozenges after camping out for the FSU game. 

 * I’ve had several people ask me if that was the worst Vanderbilt team I’ve seen in The Swamp. Only one team gave up more points and that was the 71 allowed in 2001. But this team has talented players. They just don’t have a quarterback. It’s kind of important. I also saw a little quit in the Commodores. And that’s how you get to 56-0.

* That LSU-Alabama game certainly lived up to the hype. And I am the guy who stands on the hill and screams that you have to wait until the season is over to vote for the Heisman Trophy, but is there any doubt at all that Joe Burrow is going to win it? 

* I am a voter on the All-SEC team and I think I am going to pencil in Clyde Edwards-Helaire at running back. There are five backs with more yards, but he was the X-factor against both Florida and Alabama and leads the SEC in rushing touchdowns. Not sure who will make it from Florida. Jon Greenard and Kyle Pitts, for sure.

* Finally, my Associated Press vote is in and it was really difficult. My top four looks like this — LSU, Ohio State, Clemson and Alabama. Georgia is a close fifth, but in the end the loss to South Carolina is the difference maker and I think it will be Tuesday night. The question is what will happen if everyone wins out and Georgia wins the SEC title game. Georgia and LSU would still get in and Alabama has to go not show up for the Sugar Bowl.


  1. While we (Gator fans) don’t know how the “final CFP rankings” will shake out, we do know this so far. It’s safe to say now, Florida’s only 2 loses (to date) are most likely to the 2019 SEC East & West Champs… not bad! But it ain’t Atlanta on 12-7-’19, either. Go Gators! Win 10! And Pat, just pencil in Ohio State vs. L.S.U. for the 2019 season’s National Championship game. Sorry Dabo!

  2. Reptile blood runs through my veins (you should see my home office), but I did go to Minnesota for graduate school. So I have to give a little shout-out for them Gophers. While I was there I went to every home game, and I actually witnessed the last year they won a share of the Big 10 title – 1967. Believe it or not, Minnesota owns 7 national championships, but the last one was in 1960. (They lost to Washington in the Rose Bowl, but that was when bowl games were not counted.)

    Could they beat the Gators? I doubt it, but I’m sure Penn State felt the same way.

  3. I’ve watched a lot of the best teams over the last month. UGA is good, but exposed, maybe 5th or 6th CFR. UF is only a half step behind UGA and 3/4 step behind LSU/Bama. Neither Bama/UF stopped LSU’s offense, but except for some self destruction moments, LSU didn’t stop Bama/UF’s offenses. Our receiving corps and QB are almost equal to LSU/Bama. It our O-line that’s not as good as theirs. My playoff predictions:

    (1) LSU plays (4) Clemson and (2) OSU plays (4) Bama

    Championship Game: Monster rematch of all time: LSU vs Bama

  4. This season there are 4 SEC teams (LSU, Bama, UGA and UF) playing well enough to be invited to NY-6 bowl games. Does anyone know if the NCAA eliminated their past limit of 3 from any P5 conference being allowed to be invited to NY-6 bowls?

    If that limit is still in effect and UGA faces LSU in the SEC Championship and UGA wins, both may make the CFP. THAT will leave one more NY-6 bowl spot for the SEC, which will almost certainly go to Bama in the Sugar Bowl. That will send a 10-win Gator team to the Citrus Bowl, to likely face Michigan… again!

    That outcome would be somewhat disappointing for the Gators after making a NY-6 bowl last season.