Sundy Blog: There’s a different look to Georgia

Florida coach Dan Mullen, left, greets South Carolina coach Will Muschamp before the start of their game Saturday in Columbia, S.C. (AP Photo/Mic Smith)

The Sunday Blog comes at you from soggy Columbia, S.C., as we get ready to come home and enjoy an off week:

* I wonder what the spread will be for the Florida-Georgia game once we get to game week. Georgia was a 3.5-point favorite in the summer, but I think people are looking at the Dogs differently. The loss to South Carolina was one thing, but getting shut out in the first half by Kentucky? I know it was raining, but Jake Fromm threw one pass in the second half Saturday night.

* South Carolina coach Will Muschamp was angry with the officials Saturday and he had a right to be ticked off. There were bad calls both ways, but a coach only sees the bad ones that go against his team. I imagine Coach Boom will get a fine or a reprimand or a good scolding for calling the official who flagged him “gutless.” I will say this — the quality of officiating in this conference has dropped significantly. Maybe it’s time to add another official to the games. They are missing way too much.

* It was one crazy day of college football with the Illinois win over Wisconsin just blowing everybody’s mind. My Associated Press ballot was worked on throughout the night, but it looks like someone changed his mind a lot. Anyway, I made some necessary adjustments in addition to dropping Wiscy to 14th. Here’s the new Top 10:

  1. LSU; 2. Ohio State; 3. Alabama (is it me or does Alabama get a lot of calls go its way? Just curious); 4. Oklahoma; 5. Clemson; 6. Penn State; 7. Florida; 8. Georgia; 9. Auburn; 10. Oregon.

At least I think that’s what I submitted. There are so many arrows on my scribblings that it looks like a trick play.

* Like dummies, Robbie and I are using our rare Saturday off to … wait for it … go to a birthday party. We will find TVs. Because I’ve been looking forward to this open week since the preseason, I’m bringing back “Four on the Floor”, the four games to watch Saturday:

— Wisconsin at Ohio State, noon, Fox. (OK, maybe it lost a little shine).

— Auburn at LSU, 3:30 p.m., CBS. (Should be fascinating).

— Notre Dame at Michigan, 7:30 p.m., ABC. (Another chance for Khaki pants to save his season).

— South Carolina at Tennessee, 4 p.m., SEC Network. (OK, it’s way, way, off-Broadway, but I’m a sucker for these under the radar SEC games.)


  1. I’ll say it again despite the echo of whines from our new juvenile peanut gallery of one — the whining out of Muschamp is in this case exceeded only by the classless chorus of trash throwing South Carolina fans. And that’s from a guy who likes him (me).

  2. How about FSU and UM? I don’t know what was better….the Gators grinding out another come from behind win or the other in-state Power 5 schools laying eggs while cementing year 2 in each of their “lost decades”. Hahahaha. Go Gators.

  3. Gator-6. The man’s liable ta give himself a stroke throwing bug-eyed hissy fits like an Ill-tempered 3-years old out of control in mommy’s grocery cart. All coaches communicate anger at times, but temper tantrums unfortunately are like a trademark with Muschamp.

  4. After the game I had a text exchange with a friend who is a big Georgia fan. My comment was that Dan Mullen just knows how to get the best out of the players he has. My friend agreed, “He’s a great coach.”

  5. You guys have any insight on UGA’s defensive line? The thing about Auburn and USC, is they have really good defensive lines, which concerned me with our O-line still being a work in progress (i.e. still a team weakness). Still, we managed to handle them. Just wondering how UGA’s D-line stacks up.

    • I’ve watched them 3 times so far, Patrick, and they didn’t look great…..but maybe good +/-? At least what I’ve seen doesn’t match up with everything I’ve heard in a slobbering, love struck media. Hard to tell against Kentucky with Kentucky so impotent now anyway. I would expect the same trouble our OL had with LSU but less of it. Look for StL’s posts to find out for sure tho, and Daz when he posts every now and then.

    • They’re not as good as two you mentioned, but they haven’t been challenged yet because they haven’t played anyone with a real passing offense. The Gator O, with all those WRs and Pitts at TE, is something UGA hasn’t had to contend with yet.

      The closest UGA came to dealing with something like a descent passing game was when ND nearly drove them nuts throwing to their TE. Expect CDM and staff to dissect the film of that game.

    • Did someone say my name?…. We beat ga, take it to the bank unless we have some serious screwups which cannot be predicted. Their defense is no where near LSU nor Auburn. Look how many points have been scored on them by teams like TN and SC. Our SC game just told you all you need to know, and we were missing our 2 best defenders. I agree they havent seen a passing offense like UF. Burrow has the best numbers by far in NCAA and I consider Trask in the same elite air. Trask would be really killing it if he had a ground game to support his arm. He IS phenominal considering he has to carry the offense solely on the air! They KNOW he is going to pass and STILL cant stop him!
      Dooley..”Illinois win over Wisconsin just blowing everybody’s mind.” .. NOT everybodies mind, I pickede them to NOT cover and was proven right. I disagree with your ballot. Neither P.St. nor Clemson could beat UF but Since the unbeaten N.C. would nOT be ranked below a 1 loss even though it is to the #1 team I had the Gators 6th. LSU is definitely #1 and Oh St is #2. and SORRY but Auburn is better than GA, I cant even fathom why anyone would think Ga was better than Auburn (OH, Dooley , I get it, because UF beat Auburn{you better look at their other games} but then you always underestimate UF and by association, now Auburn)!!!!!