Sunday blog: LSU has a legit offense

LSU running back Tyrion Davis-Price (3) carries for a touchdown as tight end Stephen Sullivan (10) blocks Florida defensive back Kaiir Elam (5) in the second half Saturday in Baton Rouge, La. LSU won 42-28. (AP Photo/Gerald Herbert)

The Sunday Blog comes at you working on no sleep and a special thanks to the idiot who pulled the fire alarm at 4 a.m. Classy.

* At around 3 a.m. Gainesville time, I figured I might as well fill out my Associated Press poll. Because I already had LSU at No. 1, there was no need to move the Tigers. I did drop Florida, but only one spot. There were enough teams losing ahead of them that Florida’s one loss doesn’t seem as bad, as say, Georgia losing at home as a big favorite.

* In the airport today I am getting a lot of people wondering what went wrong with the Florida defense Saturday night. Well, when you give a really good quarterback with NFL receivers all the time in the world to throw, it’s not going to go well. The Gators did a lot more blitzing than they did against Auburn with Jon Greenard and Jabari Zuniga out, but give LSU credit for stonewalling the blitzers. LSU is really, really good on offense and mediocre on defense which means that game against Alabama on Nov. 9 should be epic. From what I’ve seen, it’s going to be a 1-game season for LSU.

* I don’t know enough about the dynamics of Vanderbilt’s power structure to know whether Derek Mason survives this, but the loss to woeful UNLV was another embarrassing nail in his coffin. I’ve said for years that what Vandy needs to do it hire a guy with an offensive mind who can make it fun again and give the Commodores a chance to win any game. Vanderbilt has three NFL draft picks on offense and scored 10 points against a team ranked in the 100s in total defense. If people really cared in Music City, they would know it’s time to move on. And I think it’s time for Mason to get out of there and find a real coaching job.

* My daughter called me during the Georgia-South Carolina game and was wondering what in the heck was going on. Well, we knew going into the season that Georgia’s weakness would be the downfield passing game with all of these new receivers and it is. Jake Fromm is really good (most quarterbacks are) when you give him all kinds of time (see: Burrow, Joe), but when the pressure comes he’s like any other quarterback. Fromm couldn’t rally his team despite the fact that the Gamecocks had almost no offense in the second half with their third-string quarterback.


  1. U.G.A. losing the same weekend U.F. loses is a bit comforting. But ‘IF’ I am Coach Grantham (and Coach Mullen), I am gambling on my ‘D’ being able to handle Carolina without Greenard and Zuniga, and let those damn pesky ankle sprains heal up some for the Georgia game. That’s 2 weeks off, rehab’ing the ankle with the trainers. I wouldn’t let Greenard & Zuniga return to actual practices UNTIL the week of the U.G.A. game. That’s ‘IF’ Florida wants a rematch with L.S.U., or play big bad ‘BAMA for an SEC title in early December. Because it’s all still there in front of them for Florida, so they cannot let this tough loss turn into 2 or 3 loses (again).
    Go Gators! Just win baby (’cause losing SUCKS!”)

  2. It was tough watching our D struggle to even slow down a great LSU offense. I would have liked to see Davis at the Star position when we were getting shredded over the middle. He’s a good tackler for his size and his ball skills would have helped. Vosean Joseph would have made all the difference, but he’s busy riding pine in Buffalo. I don’t blame guys at all for going pro early, I just wish the NCAA would allow for an increased stipend so that athletes can stay in school, reach their full potential as players and get their degrees. Anyway, our defense will be fine and we won’t be the last quality SEC defense to look overmatched against LSU this year. Just need to get healthy for the rematch! Please, Santy Clause?
    The good news was that our best defense was the offense, finally. We utilized our great receivers, including Perine. You know Coach Spurrier was grinning ear to ear at that execution. Pitts is a beast, he would have had a few more catches if their DB’s weren’t hanging off him like kids on a jungle gym. I don’t like to criticize officials because it is a tough job, but be consistent! The Mud Dogs were holding us all night on both sides of the ball and then we get flagged for PI on an uncatchable ball! If you’re going to let ’em play then let ’em play. Kudos to Coach Hevesy and our OL. They gave Trask and Jones enough time to throw and they didn’t jump offsides in a loud environment. Now can we teach a TE to block? Please?
    I loved watching UGA choke like the good ole days, shaking their sad little pompoms in desperation. Our secret weapon is gone(Richt), but Kirby Smart(oxymoron) is starting to learn how to lose like a good little bulldog. Maybe his Saban cologne wore off. We can handle the rest of this schedule if Coach Mullen & Co. keep up the good work. GET EM GATORS!!