Dooley At The Half: UF mistakes saving Auburn

UF quarterback Kyle Trask fumbles after being sacked in the first half Saturday against Auburn at Florida Field. [Doug Engle/Staff photographer]

Sun sports columnist Pat Dooley looks at the first half of Florida-Auburn:

* I’m not sure if I’ve ever heard The Swamp louder at the start of a game than it was Saturday. It may have been for a previous game, but it certainly has been a while since the stadium has been that electric. And it only got louder when Freddie Swain took it 64 yards on a pass from Kye Trask for the early score.

* It didn’t look like Trask would be around for the end of the second quarter after what looked like a serious knee injury early in the quarter. But after going into the locker room after the injury, Trask came out for the last series of the quarter. When he was on the ground with his hands over his eyes, the gasp was audible in the stands. 

* Florida’s defense played a ridiculous first half. Auburn managed only two first downs in the entire half and 92 total yards (33 on one play). If the Gators had not given Auburn three fumbles in UF territory, you wonder if the Tigers would have scored any points in the half. 

* Of course, both teams made a ton of mistakes, which is something you often see in big games. One of them was Tommy Townsend faking a punt that led to Auburn’s only TD of the game. The play was there, but Townsend just ran into a blocked defender.