Sunday Blog: A campus spot for College GameDay

ESPN College GameDay hosts Lee Corso, left, and Kirk Herbstreit. (AP Photo/Rogelio V. Solis, File)

The Sunday Blog comes at you and then it’s off to the golf course for one last bit of fun before all hell breaks loose in Gainesville next week.

  1. After a seven-year drought, ESPN’s GameDay will be in town for this huge game between Florida and Auburn. One of the biggest questions — where will the show set up? The north end zone lawn is full of tents and stuff these days and the show has been moving more and more away from the stadiums anyway. So Florida is going to show the GameDay people the Plaza of Americas area where SEC Nation usually sets up. “We’re going to have a walk-through Monday with their people,” said senior athletic director Chip Howard. “It’ll start there and may well end there.”
  2. Well, I did it. After all of that loud harrumphing (“I didn’t get a harrumph out of that guy!” — Mel Brooks in Blazing Saddles) I thought outside the box and forgot about brands and recent history when I turned in my AP poll and just went with body of work. The top five: Auburn, LSU, Georgia, Alabama, Clemson.

Go ahead and send me all of the criticism you want. I’m just an SEC homer. 

  1. Mike Leach went off and said Mike Leach things after a second straight loss, this one a blowout against Utah, calling his players “fat, dumb and stupid.” Or was it dumb, fat and stupid?” He also said this — “We’re a very soft team. We get a lot of good press. We like to read it a lot. We like to pat ourselves on the back, and if we get any resistance, we fold.” I bet HBO can’t wait to visit Washington State in a couple of weeks.
  2. Why did North Carolina go for two? Nothing to lose. I had no trouble with the decision against Clemson, but I was screaming at my laptop to run a reverse. The option was the last play to run against that Clemson speed. When will someone hire me as a 2-point conversion coach?


  1. 1. Glad to have ESPN back in Gainesville. I will be shocked if Herbie doesn’t pick Auburn. So I’m picking whoever he doesn’t.

    2. Either you are an SEC homer or lobbying for a job on the SEC Network.

    3. Mike Leach is the most misunderstood coach in America. He was talking about himself.

    4. Good idea. But, won’t everyone know the play you will call as a 2-point conversion coach?