Dooley Noted: Gators 4-0 in first third of the season

Florida Gators quarterback Kyle Trask (11) and Florida Gators wide receiver Freddie Swain (16) celebrate after a touchdown during the game against the Tennessee Volunteers at Ben Hill Griffin Stadium in Gainesville, FL on Saturday, September 21, 2019. [Matt Pendleton/Correspondent]

Gainesville Sun columnist Pat Dooley talks this week about the Florida Gators football game against Towson. Also topics include how the Gators look toward the rest of the season, is the Florida defense elite, Spreads, an interview with former Gators standout linebacker James Bates, and of course Three Things.

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1:08 Lets talk UF vs. Towson

3:40 UF has to step up their run game

5:35 The first third of the season is over

9:00 Can the UF defense be elite

10:25 Cant afford any major injuries

12:30 Florida has a chance to get to the CFP

15:00 Talk about Rankings

18:20 Former Gators Honored

22:23 Three headlines from today

25:08 Interview with James Bates, former standout linebacker at UF,

37:20 the Oddest Odds of the Week

41:20 Georgia Tech and others get penalties handed down

42:49 Three Things


  1. Love James Bates. Love his stories. Whoda’ thunk a Linebacker could be so artistic and entertaining.

    Pat, please, please, please stop saying “Appy State”. It literally make me cringe every time. Either that, or please stop talking about them on your podcast. Maybe at the beginning of the podcast you can give a warning, “Today I will bring up Appalachian State in my discussions.” It is APP STATE. Thats it. There is no ‘y’ at the end of it. Nor an ‘ie”. Not there. It just is not said that way. APP f’in State.

    App State
    App State
    App State

    Oh, BTW, I might be more excited about the upcoming BB season than I was FB. I will be in Charleston rooting on my Gators in November. I am so looking forward to BB season. I live in the center of the College BB Universe so it is really nice when my Gators are relevant. Can’t believe we have had such awesome coaches now for 20+ years! Go Gators!