Sunday Blog: Tennessee may need more than these Volunteers

Florida linebacker Khris Bogle (97) sacks Tennessee quarterback Jarrett Guarantano in the second half Saturday. UF defeated the Volunteers 34-3 at Ben Hill Griffen Stadium. [Doug Engle/Gainesville Sun]

The Sunday Blog after another UF win over Tennessee:

* Please don’t take this the wrong way, but being on the field after the game and watching the Tennessee Volunteers trudging slowly off the field, I almost felt bad for them. That’s not a good team and that’s not a good quarterback. And I don’t think that’s a very good coach. I know for a fact, that’s a bad song and I appreciate the Gators handling their business so that we only heard it 15 times. Just remember, these are actual lyrics to Rocky Top:

Once I had a girl on Rocky Top

Half bear, other half cat.

What’s going on up there?

* I’m convinced the really big news will be a Saturday without news for Pac-12 officials. You know, like, a headline that reads, “Pac-12 officials don’t blow any calls.” Ole Miss is the latest to complain after a last-second touchdown was spotted at the one-foot line. Was the receiver in? Well, different body parts were but I don’t think the ball was. That’s not the point. The point is that the play should have been stopped and reviewed. Maybe the replay guy was trying to beat traffic.

* I was ready for a great night of football Saturday, but this old man couldn’t make it the Pac-12 After Dark. Sounds like I missed some doozies, especially UCLA scoring half-a-hundred in the second half to rally from 32 down. Mike Leach knows how to score points and his QB threw for nine TDs, but this is the kind of thing that scares big schools away. Except Tennessee for an hour. And the Vols would be doing much better with Leach than they are now.

* But I did enjoy the Georgia-Notre Dame game and the end of UCF-Pitt. Notre Dame is better than I thought and I loved the way they attacked on defense. Florida should watch the way those guys tackle. I didn’t drop the Irish too far on my AP ballot, just to No. 12 behind Texas. Florida is eighth and I may have Wisconsin too low at 10, but that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.


  1. Hey Pat, how ‘bout them Wolverines? Still think they rank ahead of the Gators on your AP ballot?

    Tell you what, considering the mauling the Badgers administered to that Harbaugh juggernaut yesterday, maybe you should consider ranking Wisconsin ahead of Florida on your ballot for a week. At least, you’ll be able to explain THAT!


  2. My Sunday blog:
    * I almost — almost — feel bad for TN as well. We turn it over 3x and win by 31? Geez. They may not win an SEC game this year; I’d put the over / under on that at one, with their best shots being Vandy and most likely The Fighting Muschamps in Knoxville. With Vandy putting 30+ up against LSU, that’s hardly a gimme W for TN.

    * When Tennessee hammered Florida 45 -3 in the early 1990s — maybe 1990 — the line out of Vol Nation was, “If it’s 2:15pm in Knoxville, what time is it in Gainesville? 45 to 3.” Fast forward to 2019, and it’s time ask, when it’s 34 to 3 in Gainesville, what time is it in Knoxville? Time to find a quarterback. And another new coach.

    * This was my first time back in the Swamp in several years. A couple of observations: 1) Are they putting the students through the equivalent of airport screening at BHG stadium gates? First quarter was almost over and the student side was maybe 60% full. Got up to ~ 90% eventually. 2) The “Move Back You Suck” chant after penalties… Yes, I realize my coming gripe is equivalent to telling the neighborhood kids to keep their ball out of my yard, but man, after the Miami game, it really seems like we shouldn’t be saying anything to anyone about penalties for a few seasons…

    * This was a great game for Kyle Trask to have. Great for him to get the game reps, great to throw some INTs to learn from, great to have that fumble to learn from. One more tune-up and then things get really serious when Auburn’s D-line comes to town with a freak of nature top-5 NFL draft pick anchoring that unit.

  3. I’d have to reluctantly agree with Pat on Notre Dame. They played nastier on ‘D’ this weekend, which was missing in last season’s Final Four appearance. I’d still hate to see a Clemson vs. Notre Dame semi-final… again. But I gotta’ give credit when it’s due, and Notre Dame hung in there with those UGLY DAWGS better than I thought they would. But still… Go Gators! Just win baby!