Sunday Blog: Something about Gators winning at Kentucky

Kentucky wide receiver Ahmad Wagner pulls in a pass for a touchdown over the defense of Florida defensive back Marco Wilson during the first half Saturday in Lexington, Ky. (AP Photo/Timothy D. Easley)

The Sunday Blog comes at you very early Sunday morning after another Florida win in Lexington, Ky. And there have been a few.

* That’s the thing, when Kentucky is lining up for what could have been the game-winning field goal, there was something in your head that told you the Wildcats would miss. It’s as if there is an Indian burial ground under the stadium. Dan Mullen made some bad coaching decisions in this game and players did some terrible things for Florida, but somehow it always works out for the Gators in Lexington. And once again, they forgot to cover Freddie Swain. It’s like he is Invisible Man.

* I have to admit I didn’t think of it at the time, but Josh Hammond would have been smart to slide to the ground at the 2-yard line at the end of his 76-yard run for the final score. It was reminiscent of that Malik Davis TD against Vandy a couple of years ago. “It’s really hard to get guys to do that,” Mullen said. “But it’s poor coaching.” Mullen also said ESPN’s report of a scuffle on the sidelines when Feleipe Franks got hurt was among the receivers because routes weren’t run properly. “They’re pretty competitive,” Mullen said. “You should see them at the pregame meal.”

* You can call it coaching or you can call it karma or you can just call your bookie, but for Florida to win the way the Gators did and FSU to lose the way it did at about the same time certainly says something. And for Willie Taggart to throw offensive coordinator Kendal Briles under the bus after the game says something as well. And I will just leave this here.

* Not a lot of movement in my AP poll vote except at the bottom where I dumped North Carolina, USC and Maryland. The bottom five is the most volatile area of the poll. I also bumped UCF up a tad and put Florida ahead of Michigan to satisfy message board trolls. I have plane to catch.


  1. Order has been restored. The streak has ended and another has begun. Leave it to UK to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory when playing the Gators, yet again. It scks to be a Wildcat. It scks to be a Nole. It is great to be a Florida Gator.

    Trask for Heisman. You heard it here first. If I had a Heisman vote like Dooley, I’d would vote for him. Has there ever been a 2-star QB win that honor? Did you guys see the handoff to Hammond in the jet sweep? I didn’t either and that’s after re-watching it over and over. How Hammond got the ball in a split second and timed so well is beyond believable. I think Hammond must have had the ball before play began hidden inside his jersey. OK, that’s a bit over the top but hey I’m enjoying the win.

    Enjoy the victory today everyone. Monday we can worry about the issues with this team and what we have in store for the rest of the season.

  2. First we’re called “haters” if we expressed reservations about Felipe Franks being able to lead the Gators all the way to Atlanta, and now we’re “message board trolls” all of a sudden because we disagree with your AP votes?
    You owe a few apologies, buster. That literally takes the cake; recommend that you take that elitist mentality north — much further north.

    • 6, unfortunately, there were a few Franks critics who took it to a “personal” level and probably do deserve to be labeled “haters”. Our resident troll, alohakid, comes quickly to mind. On the other hand, you have thoughtful, honest criticisms from guys like StL, who is never personal and never fails to back up his assessment with facts and stats. I don’t think those guys, which would include you, are the ones Pat is calling haters. I could be wrong, but I think Pat is just speaking of those who get personal and malign his character rather than offering respectful criticism that could actually help to build his character.

      • As much as I respect your thought processes and well reasoned opinions, Joe — if you go back into the archives and survey it, those who might qualify as “haters” and “message board trolls” are a tiny minority, very tiny, when compared to posters who merely opine their concerns sans personal attacks or character assaults. In fact, they do tend to be trolls of a variety not often seen — those now willing to pay to troll — but are nonetheless decidedly not Gators (but for a very few who might be Gators, emphasis on “might”, but are clearly immature). If I, with my limited intellect and blue collar mentality, can discern who those people are… you mean to tell me that someone as brilliant, talented, and insightful as Pat Dooley cannot?

        To be sure, I stand by my comment that to say such a thing is not only journalistic hyperbole and histrionics, but asinine as well and something for which an apology should be offered. Furthermore, while I respect not only his writing abilities and football knowledge as well, I’d still wonder if he would dare call somebody of the stature of Cody Alan either a “hater” or a “troll” to his face. I’d hazard a guess the answer is no.

        • I definitely agree with you that the true haters would be a minority, and as you say, a “tiny” minority at that. Perhaps Pat is referring to others beyond the posters on Either way, I choose to exclude myself from the hater category, because I believe that my own criticisms of Feleipe have been directed strictly at his performance, and to a lesser extent his sideline behavior, rather than a personal attack on his character. I prefer to choose to not be offended whenever possible.

          There could also be some disagreement as to the definition of “hater”. I believe that today’s PC tolerance Nazis are a tiny minority, because I’ve never met a person that agrees with their tenets. And yet, they get disproportionate attention from the media, and we get introduced to ridiculous concepts (imo) like “triggering” and “microagressions”. As part of their agenda, the PC folks have redefined tolerance, with the complicity of mainstream media, away from its true meaning of proper respect for those with whom we disagree, and turned it into wholesale acceptance, affirmation, approval, and celebration of our adversaries ideals. Anything less than that is defined as “hate”.

          The PC tolerance Nazis equate simple disagreement with unacceptable hate. Consequently, one who dares to disagree is labeled as a despicable “hater”. This is obviously a hammer they wield to beat their critics into submission by making them afraid to be portrayed and labeled as evil for simply expressing disagreement. Perhaps this is the operating definition of “hater” that Pat is using.

          Hope my fellow Gators and will excuse my temporary foray into social/political issues. Go Gators!

  3. Hey, G-6, it’s good to know Pat’s reading the message boards! LOL. Re Franks, that was just horrible to see. At first I flashed back to Lawrence Taylor / Joe Theisman, but thankfully it was not that bad. I haven’t seen / heard if he needs surgery, let’s hope not.

    As for Pat’s hater comment, who knows (except Pat) if that’s aimed at Gatorsports’ posters. (I gather Pat likes to tweak, e.g., the amusing “no one suffers victory like Gator Nation” comment — as if fan criticism with tight wins at Clemson, Alabama, Oklahoma etc doesn’t exist. Just ask Dabo.) I do know that Pat sniped at Kirk Herbstreit for his criticism of Franks’s maturity. Perhaps this was the offending Herbie quote: “If Florida ever wants to ever get serious about winning the SEC East, their leader and their quarterback needs to show maturity or they’ve got no chance of challenging anybody in the East.”

    This is so galling? One may disagree with Kirk, but there was Franks, giving critics ammo with his sideline behavior in the UM game. Indeed, in talking about Franks in one of his podcasts, Pat himself used “histrionics.” Whatever. It sucks what happened to Franks, and I hope he heals and comes back and wins again for us. At a minimum, he’ll forever be known in Gator lore for his UT Hail Mary. As for our ranking, whether we’re ninth, eleventh or whatever, we won’t win the SEC with last night’s running game and secondary play. Warts and all, here we sit at 3-0 controlling our own destiny. It will be must-watch TV to see how this plays out. Go Gators, and get well, Feleipe.

  4. Dear Pat, Speaking for “message board trolls” everywhere, inquiring minds would love to know what exactly justified your continuing to rank the Wolverines ahead of the Gators on your AP ballot until now, especially after they needed overtime to beat Army as the Gators were spanking UTM. After all, it’s not like suddenly the open week made Michigan look any weaker and losing Feleipe Franks for the season made Florida look any stronger. Explaining your rationale, perhaps in your Back Nine column, would make for interesting reading.

  5. It’s interesting that Pat brought up the point that Josh Hammond should’ve gone down rather than scoring, so the Gators could’ve simply run out the clock without giving UK an opportunity, no matter how slim, to tie the game with TD and 2-point conversion. He quotes Mullen as calling it “poor coaching”. Sounds like Mullen agrees with Mac, who properly corrected Malik Davis, although perhaps a little too vehemently, for failing to go down against Vandy. I wonder if the same fans who excoriated Mac for his criticism of Davis are also willing to call out Mullen for holding to the same philosophy?