Sunday blog: Gators adjusting just fine

Florida defensive backs Shawn Davis (31) and Trey Dean III (21) get in on a tackle Saturday against UT Martin at Ben Hill Griffin Stadium. [Brad McClenny/The Gainesville Sun]

The Sunday Blog comes at you after a late night that included some wonderful Pac-12 After Dark to wrap up crazy day:

* One thing we have seen from Florida so far this year has been the ability to adjust. The Gators have allowed only seven points in the second half of their two games and have scored 45 of their 69 points. Dan Mullen said his locker room was less than friendly and the Gator Radio Station found out how hot he was at halftime when he dropped an “F” bomb to start out his interview with Tate Casey. Mullen quickly apologized, but the inability of the offensive line to establish a running game was his pet peeve.

* We were this close to seeing Miami, Tennessee and FSU all fall to 0-2 and I’m not going to look up a scenario of the last time IF that had happened. But Miami hasn’t been 0-2 since 1978, so we know it would be at least that long ago (Tennessee, 1988). I really thought the ’Canes were better than that, but maybe we just didn’t give enough value to Mack Brown’s ability to motivate players. I’m not sure there is any coach in the country having more fun right now.

* It’s going to be a meme for a long time, but FSU wide receiver Tre’ McKitty lining up for a play facing the wrong way reminded me so much of the time Florida had two players blocking each other during the Will Muschamp era. The interesting thing is that both plays picked up a first down. In this world, it’s not the result of the play but the perception. Maybe these coaches were pulling one over on us. Nah.

* There was some movement in my AP poll and I have the Gators in the top 10. Last week I got a call from a North Carolina Tar Heels website because I was the only voter to have Carolina in my top 25 last week. How ya like me now? New members of my poll — USC and Colorado and Maryland, oh my. What is Mike Locksley doing up there? Poor Syracuse was in line to host GameDay for the first time ever before getting pummeled by the Terps. Instead, they’re going to Ames, Iowa, for Iowa vs. Iowa State.


  1. ”Instead, they’re (GameDay) going to Ames, Iowa, for Iowa vs. Iowa State.” Has ”rivalry week” started early this season. Pat? Still, U.K. vs. Florida, that sounds better to me. All those Kentucky bluegrass babes (ya’ gotta’ give the Devil his due), and Florida Football wanting ”revenge” in Lexington. Well, ”whatever Game Day,” whatever! Iowa needs love too… I guess.
    Go Gators! Just win baby!

    • It won’t be the game of the century or even a slobber-knocker for that matter, GI — but next week should be an indicator of (a) where our sense of urgency, and hence, our character is, and, (2) what the season will look like either way, with or without (a).

      Game Day Schmame Day.

      • Amen on that ‘6’, amen! I just know that the ESPN hit, ”Game Day” owes the UNIV. OF FLORIDA for ”some of its current successes.” What do I mean? Well, I literally spoke to Chris Fowler after he, get this, changed into his ”set wardrobe” in a FRAT HOUSE off of W. Univ. Ave in the early 90’s, and he was walking across the street (Univ. Ave) to the set. Back then, there were no luxury ”HOME DEPOT PREVOST BUSES” for them to change and hang in. And Chris Fowler knows this to be true too, the frat boys, acting like frat boys, where mocking him for his early days, ”Teen Sports” show. And so when ”Game Day” (and ESPN) could’ve given us some ”deserved love” back on a weekend of ”just alright college football,” they decide to go to AMES, IOWA? Like I said earlier (above), ‘6’, ”WHATEVER, GAME DAY, WHATEVER!”
        Go Gators! Beat little blue!