The Picks: Where is Florida headed?

Florida coach Dan Mullen watches will find out a lot about his team today against No. 5 LSU. (AP Photo/John Raoux)

When I think about SEC football as we enter the second month of the season, there is a song that keeps floating through my head.

Where are you going,

Where do you go?

Are you looking for answers,

To questions, under the stars?”

Dave Matthews with the lyrics, me with the real questions.

Where are you going, Auburn?

The Tigers are still in position to be in the mix for a College Football Playoff berth, but they have been less than impressive, ranking 12th in the conference in total offense.

Auburn has a fairly soft October leading into a rugged November. Are the Tigers going to breeze through the next month or flounder their way to a season-killing loss somewhere along the way?

Where are you going, South Carolina?

This was supposed to be Will Muschamp’s best team, but it looks like a typical Muschamp team, 11th in the SEC in scoring. And quarterback Jake Bentley is banged up. The Gamecocks may have to struggle just to reach a bowl game.

Where are you going, Mississippi State?

The consensus was that Dan Mullen left a great team behind. But with two losses to the East and the entire West waiting, this is a season that could be headed off the rails.

Where are you going, Missouri?

This is about the time when Mizzou started to turn things around. But with a defense ranked 86th in the country, the Tigers can’t lose their serve in any game. Missouri has been under the radar all season, but has a bunch of rugged games over the next five weeks before a soft landing.

Where are you going, Vanderbilt, Texas A&M and Ole Miss?

We kind of know where Alabama and Georgia are going. We’re about to find out where Florida, LSU and Kentucky are headed. And we know that Arkansas and Tennessee stink on ice.

“Where are you going

Where do you go.

And where are you going.

Where? … Lets go!”

Meanwhile, I didn’t need to distract you from my picks record because last week I went 9-1 (34-16 for the season). I would have gone 10-0 if I had any faith in the Gators. Seriously, how do you go 9-1 and the only miss is the hometown team?

Then again, I’ve picked against them two weeks in a row and they have won both games. I know what you’re thinking.

LSU AT FLORIDA: But I am all about the integrity of The Picks. I still take the team I believe will win, no matter how many emails it might mean. Although I really haven’t received many in the last two weeks. Mostly just Gidiot emails. Look, this is your team. It is what it is. Support it or get off the bandwagon. And don’t sprain an ankle. LSU, 16-13.

KENTUCKY AT TEXAS A&M: This is a tough pick because I believe in Kentucky (as the only AP voter who had them in the preseason poll), but it feels like a game where the Wildcats fall back to earth. Still, I’m going with the upset and the fact that it is an upset is upsetting. Kentucky, 24-20.

MISSOURI AT SOUTH CAROLINA: I just don’t think the Gamecocks can score with Missouri. Of course, “more important than the score of this game is to score at the big social at our place tonight.” OK, that’s my archaic movie reference for the day. (Name the movie). Missouri, 38-28.

OKLAHOMA-TEXAS: If Texas wins, fried Snickers for everybody. It will also mean that Texas is back, right? Too bad. Oklahoma, 30-21.

FSU AT MIAMI: Talk about disrespect, Miami calling FSU’s turnover backpack “a purse.” It’s just good to see the trash talk back. Miami, 24-10.

AUBURN AT MISSISSIPPI STATE: Last week told me a lot about Nick Fitzgerald and it wasn’t good. Auburn is struggling to run. Could this be a repeat of the epic 3-2 game 10 years ago? Probably not. Auburn, 27-17.

VANDERBILT AT GEORGIA: Remember when Vandy beat Georgia two years ago and it looked like the Commodores had turned the corner and Georgia was struggling at 4-3? It seems like a long time ago. Since then, Georgia is 22-4. Make it 23. Georgia, 38-10.

NOTRE DAME AT VIRGINIA TECH: Notre Dame is a different team with a different quarterback. As crazy as this season has been for the Hokies, well, stranger things have happened. Notre Dame, 30-21.

UTAH AT STANFORD: I can’t figure Stanford out. But I’m picking the Cardinal. Stanford, 27-21.

ALABAMA AT ARKANSAS: No, I’m not trying to pad my record. Sure, Alabama is a 34.5-point favorite. But Nick Saban said it’s a trap game. So that makes this a legit pick. I believe everything Little Nicky says. Alabama, a lot to a little.

(And the movie is “Meatballs.”)

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  1. I love it when you pick against the team you know best and miss, and maybe that’s a problem for you, that you are standing so close go the canvas that you notice every possible flaw but can’t take in the big picture. This game likely boils down to mistakes and opportunities, whether touchdowns or field goals are scored, and a late fourth quarter possession. The Florida defensive front will still be fairly fresh late in the game, LSU’s won’t be, and Dameion Pierce will rocket through that wearied Tiger front. Gators, 24-17.

    • Clyde,
      I agree 100%(except your final score). I think it will come down to a couple turnovers or lost opportunities(ie, holding penalty forcing fg over td), but I think it will go the other way. We wont go undefeated the rest of the season, and I just think this season, that we all thought would be up and down, will have a down. That being said, I also think that we lose in a way that shows that we are a young, improving team that increases our appeal for future recruits. That is, and always has been, the only goal for this season.

      • You are right Willgator, as long as we compete its a selling point to recruits of how much we need them. No one realistically expected championships in Mullens 1st year. Saban nor Meyer could do it, and I certainly didnt expect it. Im just pleased with the turn around Mullen has accomplished. I supproted his hiring and believe we will win championships in the near future!

  2. I can’t blame Pat not picking the gators, I have not expected a gator win very often….although I did expect a win against Georgia Southern a few years ago and was sorely disappointed. Heck even when Muschamp went 11-1 I really never felt confident we would win. If I recall that year we had to block a punt and return it for a score with no time on the clock to beat a MAC team (could be wrong on that). But somehow I feel confident that our team will be coached up and ready for LSU. I think we will win, and that is a new feeling I have not felt in a really long time. Who cares what the score is, I think gators win comfortably.

  3. time to dial up comparisons again

    Coaching for a big match-up – Gators
    Special Teams – Gators
    Defense – Gators
    Offense – LSU
    Coaching, Special teams and Defense wins big close games.
    Gators 27 – LSU 16

    • Marshall. Letting you emotions get the best of you with those comparisons, I feel and think.

      -In-game coaching does go to Mullen, but the OC for LSU is a really good one, too.
      -Specials teams for the Gators are really good, but LSU likely has the best special teams unit in the country next to Alabama.
      -Defense, talent wise, speed wise, quickness wise, physicality wise, goes to LSU and especially at DB and LB.
      -Offense is better for LSU because the QB is more innate on the football field right now, by a wide margin. But Franks is more physically gifted. We will see how that turns out. Florida has better wide receivers and tight ends and LSU executes on the OL better but they are not more talented there. We will see how that pans out, too.
      Sometimes, however, better talent does not win games. A better game plan and the execution of it can overcome better talent. And home-field advantage can also help, too. And Florida has a good enough defense to win the game as long as the offense can move the ball and provide good starting position for the offense and consistently make LSU drive the entire length of the filed because of the play of the Florida defense, special teams, and because the offense did not turn over the football in its own territory or is not able to sustain much of any time-consuming drives. Gators can get it done, but they will have to execute the three phases of the game better than they have against any team they have played to date. Fingers crossed.

      • I don’t know about “execute the three phases of the game better than they have against any team they have played to date”. If they match the special teams play from a certain game, I’d be pretty confident calling the win.

      • I agree with you. I too analyse games and dont choose on emotion. LSU is clearly the better team but we all know that the better team doesnt always win. I will make 1 prediction, that there will be alot of 3 and outs in this game on both teams. I do not believe this will be a repeat of the MSU game with long drives. I see this as a grind it out game. Unless we score on defense , S.T. and big plays on offense we dont win. Mullen showed me in the MSU game he figured out a way to sustain drives with Franks, screen passes, where Franks has a designated receiver which he has to pass to extremely fast as soon as the ball is snapped. Problem is this offense cant score in the red zone too well. I think Mullen will have to incorporate bigger risk plays to score and that will end drives against this defense. In addition, LSU saw those drives and they will have game planned for it.

      • Joe, we’re gonna have to cut Junior some slack. He has been traumatized by the events of the past decade. I think there are a lot of Juniors out there. Mullen is working on them (along with everything else that had kind of gone to pot within the program).

    • junior. Winning divisional titles and playing in SEC championships is hardly “irrelevant”, sir. But it has been since 2008 since Florida was top tier in the nation, as in number one relevant. And the leader of that relevancy is being honored this Saturday. And being ranked 22nd in the country right now is relevant right now. And win out the regular season and the Gators will become major relevant once again. (I hope, which is more relevant than posting it is going to take 5 to 10 years for Florida to become relevant again).

      • Tampa Gator, UF went 13-1 and ended the 2009 season rated #3. They were #1 from the start of the season until week 14th when they lost to Alabama. Tim Tebow was still our quarterback. So you are wrong as you usually are.

          • Thanks, daz. Classy. We can disagree, as we are human with different experiences and backgrounds. But we do not need to be something else, which a few on here have seemingly teamed up to be.

        • Rolando. The Gators last finished #1 in 2008. And they were relevant in 2009, but did not finish number one. And my point was to counter a negative view of Florida by someone posting on here, so I have no clue what your point is. And I am level headed enough and sensible enough to know that I am not always right. But I am also educated enough and do enough research to also know that I am not “usually” wrong. But you can post your opinion all you want. But that is all it is, opinion, and others can come to conclusion if you are RIGHT or WRONG in that opinion. Now, I need to get ready to head to Gainesville this morning to support my Gators in person. Thank you.

          • TampaGator, when you finish #3 in the nation, YOU ARE RELEVANT.

            And I was right when I picked the Gators by 7 or more and you were wrong. Go Gators!

  4. I’m glad you picked LSU and maybe you subconsciously might be trying to fire up the team…or maybe consciously. I think Auburn goes down to MSU. No way they lose three in a row. Kentucky loses to TAM. Cinderfella doesn’t get his slipper back. I agree with Miami over FSWho and the Alabama and Georgia games will be good ones to go mow the lawn or take a nap . I too think the Gators 27-16 or 30-16. Special teams will be the difference, as well as big plays .

  5. My football mind is telling me that the Florida defense plays a good game but gives up at least two explosive TD plays by LSU for 14 points.

    My football mind is telling me that the LSU offensive execution looks consistently good and balanced enough to put up two more regular TD drives for 14 more points.

    My football mind is telling me that the LSU FG kicker is really good and will kick one long and one short distance FG for 6 more points.

    My football mind is telling me that the Florida offense will struggle to execute with much consistency vs. the big, fast, and aggressive LSU defense and, in particular, Franks will struggle to find open receivers against an exceptionally talented LSU secondary and will manage only one long drive TD in the game for 7 points.

    My football mind is telling me that Franks will get a lot of pressure on 3rd and long (and there will be many of those yards to down situations for Franks and the Gators) and he will force too many throws into coverage that will result in 2 or 3 INTs that will set up the LSU offense in good field position or end up to then decent Florida offensive drives.

    My football mind is telling me that the Florida defense will force a turnover early in the game and will set up the Gators for what should be an easy TD from inside the LSU 10 yard line. But the opportunity will result only in a FG when the Florida OL (I mean, Fred Johnson) is called for two pre-snap motion penalties.

    Therefore, my football mind is telling me that the final score of the game will be LSU 34, Florida 10.

    But my football Gators heart is beating really fast and is telling me to cross my fingers and pray for a much different result with Franks playing the game of his life, Scarlett suddenly looking like the same RB from two years ago, Van Jefferson breaking loose for two long TD catches, Grimes and Franks hooking up for multiple slant passes for first downs on 3rd and long, with Grimes actually slanting to the first down marker and not 3 or 4 yards behind it for the catches. And Pitts and Krull each catching perfectly thrown go up and get it fade passes from Franks for two red zone TDs. And the OL comes out very smart, strong, and aggressive and pushes the LSU DL off the ball consistently all day. And the Florida defense plays they way they did vs. MSU and puts enormous pressure on Burrow all day, forcing him into mistakes and multiple turnovers. And the Florida front seven consistently plays off blocks and protects their gaps, shutting down the LSU running game. LSU therefore becomes totally frustrated and never produces a offensive play for more than 15 yards the entire game, is only able to kick three FGs, and is never able to cross the goal line. Florida wins the game 28 to 9 and the sports world is in total shock and The Swamp is back in a big, big, big, big, loud, loud, loud, loud, crazy, crazy, crazy, crazy way.

    And here is to my Gators heart overwhelming my football mind on Saturday. And the Gators doing the same to LSU’s football team.

    • Feeling a little bi polar lately Tampa? I agree with you the Gators could lose this game , and the Gators could win this game. What a revelation!
      BTW, take it easy on Fred Johnson he’s not the only one who has made those mistakes in a very loud and obnoxious stadium.

      • Bipolar probably has less to do with it than an example from the ideological spectrum, to wit, Liberals and Conservatives need each other, if only there were any liberals left then it would be an easier point to make. But before anybody gets their panties in a wad, let me suggest that one arrives at conclusions almost exclusively based on emotion, while the other determines conclusions based almost solely on logic. The truth generally is found somewhere between the two poles. Gators 16-13.

          • Why do you insist on making personal attacks on me on here? If you do not like or appreciate what I post, just ignore my posts. And I did not stereotype Johnson. He leads the OL starters in pre-snap motion penalties.

          • Oh hell CO, if I knew shyt like that I’d run for office! Or at least throw my hat back in the ring for Pope the next time there’s a vacancy.

          • As I said, childish games. You play them well. And I could care less if I bore you. Einstein, Mozart, and Shakespeare would bore you.

          • Johnson IS a “false starter”!
            I am just like Tampa about this game. I know that LSU will win after analysing the teams but I hope a miracle happens! Thats a shorter way of saying it!
            This board is loaded with emotional fans that base their predictions strictly on emotion, this game is a good example! Vegas thrives on fans like them!(did I mention I made over 2 grand on the MSU game? while fans here predicted our demise?) Tampa is doing what so few on here do, using his head to figure out the result. We both are Happy with the teams direction this season under Mullen. I believe there is going to be alot of upset fans here tomorrow while I will be cool with it because i saw it coming. Lets not get to high or too low this season, its a rebuilding year, a very good rebuilding year! Go gators

          • Tampa. Let me make this as clear as I can: You are making an ass out of yourself if you expect me to respond in kind to your most recent display of arrogance. I’m sure you are better than that, especially if you stick to what you’re good at, football, style of your comments notwithstanding. Your other snide, snarky, or asinine comments are irrelevant, I’m not interested in them, and they only serve as a distraction from the conversation at hand. In short, you are becoming both predictable and boring. Do us both a favor and leave me out of your personal problems unless I have addressed you directly by name.

    • Tampa…. let’s go with your Football Gators Heart and call it a big Gator Win!

      I think all of your points are valid but what I’m thinking, or better yet hoping, is that Coach will have another masterful gameplan that puts Franks and the offense in a position to score 10-14 points. We won’t beat LSU running the ball, but a good gameplan that mixes it up and gets the TE’s involved might just be enough to keep them off balance and give Franks and the WR’s a chance to hit one deep.

      Then I’m hoping that the defensive front seven will come out mean and hungry and keep LSU’s offense frustrated all afternoon. The LSU QB isn’t brilliant but he just doesn’t make many mistakes. Maybe all we’ll need is one or two turnovers to shift the tide in our favor. Stay in your lanes and hit…and tackle fellas….just do your job and let Grantham’s scheme do its job. The Gator secondary may struggle a bit but Burrow isn’t the guy to beat them consistently. (I hope).

      Special teams may be a wash as both teams excel. The Gators didn’t take any special team chances against MSU but they didn’t need to (though I feel like a serious blocked punt attempt when we had MSU pinned deep might’ve been worth a shot) so maybe they were saving up their special teams karma for LSU. Maybe this game comes down to an Evan McPherson field goal for the win.

    • TampaGator, my logical mind tells me that you are full of cow manure. My logical mind tells me that you are under the assumption that UF players are going to show up with their feet and hands tied up. Finally, my logical mind tells me that UF is going to beat LSU by 7 points or more.

  6. Damn Tampa. I am gonna print this out and have it in front of me during the game as kind of a road map. I’ll definitely need to know if we are on the mind or the heart path! (Please be heart, please be heart.) — I’m not really a hard and fast prediction guy, but the one thing I expect to see for UF to have a chance is points in the mid-20’s. Even if the defense turns in another stellar performance, I don’t think we can realistically count on single-digit points from LSU.

    • Gator 1. I was not looking for responses to my post, but I do appreciate your intelligent and on-topic response to it. Clearly, I am torn between logic and emotion on this one, as Gator 6 described. If I were to make a pick based on cognitive thought processing only, I would pick LSU to win by 10 points or more because I do THINK they are better on defense (and especially much better in the secondary and at LB), and far better to date in their consistency of offensive execution, and equal in special teams play (and they also have a really good FG kicker with long-range capability). But my heart is trying to get me to believe, emotionally, that Franks will somehow play to an elite level in this game and that the OL will suddenly avoid critical mistakes and pass protect and run block well and consistently against an outstanding defense. But then my mind says, “How is that possible?” But in either case, my buddy and I will be sitting behind the Gators cheering them on big time with tons of emotion and loud, loud yells and hopefully fly the Gators flag proudly on the long drive home afterwards.

      • Yep, yep, yep. I think you just described what it means to be a fan. We happen to be on the exact same page regarding what needs to happen for the Gators to have a chance – a better offensive performance. I took the short route – points in the mid-20’s; you took a more specific route – our QB and O-line both perform better than they have in a long time. GO GATORS!

  7. I am probably not correct, but this just feels like Ole Miss a few years back. They coming in after beating Bama, feeling like they are on top of the world. We show up and beat them to death. Hope I am right, but I really want to believe that this is going to be a breakout game for Franks.

  8. Although I consider this a huge game for Franks, a kind of Terry Dean might get benched if he doesn’t have a good performance game, my prediction is that Franks finds it, and the climb starts going to an even higher level. Maybe its just a hope, or an expectation that good coaching, teaching, discipline and grit will win out. but for the Gators to go to the heights they can, this is the guy that has to carry us. Cant wait to find out.

  9. The Gators are executing at a higher level on both sides of the ball. I wanted the Gators to hire Scott Frost and was bummed when they hired Mullen, but now I realize I was wrong. Coach Mullen and his staff are doing a great job. The play calling lately has been creative and I expect it will only get better. Home team 31 Visitors 24.7

  10. I want to believe. (Cue the X-Files theme) I want to believe the offense is out there. It’s just waiting to explode for 500 total yards and 5 touchdowns. I want to believe.
    I know there’s a great defense. Maybe, an ELITE defense even with a young secondary.
    I know we have good kickers, who in time will be great and even ELITE kickers.
    And yet, we come back to the offense. An offense that for all the hype, all the hope, and all the “this player, that player and the other player” just really doesn’t show much. And I want to believe. If the game were to come down to Florida having to drive from their own 10 yard line to LSU’s 30 yard line so McPherson can attempt a 47 yard field goal to win the game…….can they? The evidence says “no.” LSU 19, Florida 9. You can’t win every game on defense and bubble screens alone.

    • What is your prediction for FSU vs. Miami, Grumpy? And can FSU’s line keep their QB on the field for more than one quarter vs. Miami without him getting killed on a blitz or one of the many FSU OL just not knowing how to execute a block on someone? My prediction, Miami, 48, FSU 10, with Miami’s scout team playing most of the fourth quarter.

    • Grump,
      Thats not a bad prediction. Maybe a little closer, 17-10 or 20_14. Within a possession, if for no other reason than to keeps my hopes alive so its an even more crushing blow. I just have a bad feeling that we are all going to be brought down to earth and reminded that we are in a rebuilding year and still have work to do. But I do think we won’t embarass ourselves and will play a good game, we just dont quite have enough pieces of the puzzle yet.

    • Grump E. Gator, have you ever been at Davis Wade Stadium in Starkville? If you haven’t that is one of the loudest stadiums in college football. Those freaking cowbells can drive a deaf man crazy. MSU had more going for them that UF… beating their former head coach and playing to stay relevant in the SEC West. At the beginning of the season nobody believed in LSU, right now there are Gator fans that don’t believe in UF and I am okay with that because on Saturday, LSU becomes Gator bait

      • MSU had beaten 3 nobody teams and had lost badly to UK. There was no way the Gators were going to lose that game, and yet it came down to 2 bad passes and a last minute stop. They just arent there yet! Improving, yes but this isnt a top team by any stretch of the imagination. Its a rebuilding year and I for one am happy with their progress!

          • Whoa – Whoa – Whoa…..Rolando, Daz is no troll, and while some people sling that term around at the slightest provocation, you are a better man not to do it too — especially to daz wazzle. You guys are just speaking your minds is all, and besides, you had the most spot on prediction of all of us!

  11. Agree on most except I think A&M brings UK back down to Earth, Miss. St. turns it back around against AU, and the Gators pull the upset over an LSU team that I think is a good team, but a little bit overrated too.

  12. Our O line will be tested this week big time. LSU is quicker and faster on defense than MSU. The key will be for our guys to tough it out and block like they did last Saturday. They have to open up some holes for our running game and also give Franks a little time to operate. He’s actually doing a much better job of reading the defense and getting into the right play and a number of those passes he threw last week were tight spirals right on the money. Some were thrown on the run. No one should doubt Mullens ability to develop qbs.

  13. ”…how do you go 9-1 and the only miss is the hometown team?” -Pat Dooley.
    Well Pat, like the ole’ saying goes, ”Even a broken clock is right twice a day.”
    Truthfully, I really don’t care who you and Robbie pick, ’cause y’all can’t ”jinx” this team anymore!
    And the Voo-doo Witch from L.S.U is DEAD, too.

  14. Oh ye of little faith ! Clearly the scars from the disappointments of the last several years are deep and I too have to remind myself that this is not another McLnuss / Musclecramp team that is going to go DOA on offense in big games and fade down the stretch as we have become accustomed to seeing. THIS team has clearly gotten better every week and CDM himself said ” I’m not going to let up, in fact I’m going to push them even harder than before ” , so I expect to see a better and more complete product than the one that dominated MSU in the second half last week. The best part is that we are just getting started. Guy’s and Gal’s we have a real coach now, and what he is going to build in title town will be something glorious to witness !
    It’s OK to believe ! The missing piece is finally in his place.We fans, much like this team was are in need of mental reconditioning and Dan has come to teach us how to have fun again. Two dominant defenses in a low scoring affair and UF gets the victory with stellar special team play and a bit of trickery…

  15. LSU has over achieved. No picks thru 4 or 5 games? That coach can pump his players up but x and o I take Mullin hands down. No big game from Franks yet either. SEC road is tough. Im going with Florida 24 -17.

  16. First of all…I will say… that UF can lose any game it plays this year…not because of the talent on this team…but, mainly because of an inconsistent QB who looks like a brand new shinning red, 12 cylinder Ferrari… which, runs mostly on 6 cylinder… but, occasionally running on 9 cylinders…don’t get me wrong , Franks has improved greatly from last year…but he still making, so many of the same mistakes, he made last year…just not as often…mostly because of much better coaching and play calling…but, those consistent mistakes can and may get this team beat… He just can not see the entire field and wide open WR’s and he has a terrible percentage on 3rd downs, when… he has to throw the ball…plain and simple…he is just not accurate or consistent on critical 3rd downs… as his stats certainly reflect…he is much better on 1st, and 2nd downs…throwing the ball…but, loses focus and seems to panic on 3rd downs…last week the majority of 3rd down conversions were on running plays and not passing plays…I think there were only 2 passing plays that resulted in 3rd down conversions… actually, I would like to see Trask come in, on some of these critical 3rd down conversions and see how he reacts…he’s much more accurate than Franks…and it would be great to see just how accurate he is on these critical 3rd downs…

    Last week, Moral Stephens (82) and Grimes (8) were wide open just about every time they were in the game…the interception, Franks throw was too hard and too high, and resulted in an interception…15 yds to the right, Stephens was running wide open and would have gone for a touchdown, had he’d been thrown the ball…I really think Franks tries to spread the ball around, to much…rather than throw to the open receiver…so what, if a particular RW gets the ball thrown to him 5-8 times a game…that’s not a bad thing…the next game another RW may getting open more often in that particular game …the fact is…just about every RW… will have a game where he will excel and will be open more often than the other receivers over the course of the season…and the receptions for each player will usually balance out over the season. he needs to stop worrying about spreading the ball around to all his receivers…just throw it to the open receiver no matter how many times he’s open or how many catches he has in the game. Once he starts doing that his numbers will improve.

    UF can defeat any team on it’s remaining schedule… they certainly have as much, if not more team talent than any team left on the schedule…and yes that includes Georgia…with the exception of QB…If Franks has a half way decent game without dumb mistakes they can surely win out and go 11-1…it just depends on which, Franks shows up…and it would be interesting to see Trask come in on some 3rd downs…This week, I’m betting on franks to have a relatively good game.

    • Cody Alan, “I will say… that UF can lose any game it plays this year.” When I read that opening remark, you lost me completely. Please explain to us how Florida loses to Vanderbilt, Idaho and FSU. Then, how is Missouri and South Carolina going to beat our Gators at home?

      • Rolando…sorry that you some how, got lost in my above comments…I’m just not sure I can explain it any simpler…We have a very inconsistent QB who has some great ability, at times…he can lose you the most simplest of games, by throwing critical interceptions or fumbles the ball away ….like the Kentucky game. Hopefully, he continues to get better and his mistakes are fewer in critical situations…at this point in his career he is certainly not completely developed yet…I certainly don’t expect the UF will lose to Vandy, UG, Idaho, Missouri, SC or FSU…or LSU for that matter…I think UF has equal or more talent than any of those teams…except for QB! If he play well, without critical mistakes…WE win… just that simple…If not we lose …I am hoping that he does continue to grow, and will develop into a better understanding of the game… than he has now…he is one of the worst QB’s in the league on 3rd down % when he throws the ball…I expect him to continue to develop and win these games…The last paragraph above, should explain it all. hope this help.

    • Wow, that was disconnected. I agreed with you till the disconnected score prediction which didnt match your rhetoric. Franks isnt good enough to beat LSU or Ga but I bet Trask is.I wish the coach would give him a drive where he can do more than hand it off, I think peoples eyes would be opened.
      Rolando, we definitely beat Vandy, Idaho, SC and FSU. Ater Mo plays SC and UK I will know how we play them too. As luck would have it we have a very soft schedule this year.

      • Daz…Not exactly sure what was so disconnecting….my score was based on Franks playing well…which, I think he will…he had a fairly good practice this week…looking for good things out of him this week as well…without major mistakes at critical points of the game…my prediction certainly reflects that score…I too…would love to see Trask come in…especially on 3 rd down…he is a much better QB on that down throwing the ball, than Franks,,,I think he could really help this team improve it’s 3rd down conversion %… Like I said in Rolando’s above comment…I expect us to win out… If, Franks plays well.

        • I got it Cody, it appears you just came out and said what others may be thinking. Lots of room for error here, but we’ll know the results when we know the results, and that of course is exclusively in Dan Mullen’s domain. Appreciate your observations, as always.

          I know you don’t post regularly, but I suspect that you read the articles and comments just the same — have you considered being a member of this site? That way some of us can at least get in touch with you via the messaging feature. Trust the recovery is going along fine…..looking forward to your post game observations.

  17. best d line wins the game. gators 13-6 again. regardless of pat’s 9-1 record last week, hes 2-3 for the season picking gator games, the team he’s supposed to be following most closely. the only two he got right were the gimmes, CSU and CSU. i’ll pick against pat in a gator game every day of the week and twice on Saturdays.

  18. As much as it pains me to defend anything related to FSU, it’s totally not a purse. Purses don’t come with anthropomorphic monkeys or talking maps. When Dora comes looking for it she’s gonna say “Willy, no swiping!”

  19. Things are different this year. Florida should have won last year with an inept coaching staff. Most players on both teams were here last year. LSU can get pumped up. They have made some achievements this year but Florida is on the brink of a break out. It may not come this season, but there is renewed energy and fight, especially on defense. Mullen is getting his point across that winning is fun! He is also a way better coach and game manager than the last two coaches. He has coached against LSU since 2005, something that the last two coaches lacked. Mullen knows LSU and so does his staff. I think Florida dials up a great game plan, maybe not a flashy one, and coupled with the crowd, LSU gets rattled, commits a few turnovers, loses some confidence, and Florida seizes the win. I look forward to being hoarse and nearly deaf after the game as I usually am. Go Gators!

  20. Gator-6, I tried to reply to your comment but I could not. I do not predicts games based on stats but on what I see on the field. I said that beating MSU at home was not an easy task and they proved me right by beating Auburn handily. By the way, if our defense would have had all its players versus Kentucky, I truly believe that we would be 6-0 right now. This team has a fighting spirit that we haven’t seen in years. It is remarkable what Mullen has done in such a short period of time. Go Gators!

    • Hey, I’m with you pal……I look at games the same way, and then look at the intangibles, like character, gumption, drive, heart and so on. That’s where I usually find a difference maker, but not always. Anyway, keep on posting as you’ve obviously got a good mind for the game….just saying daz wazzle is really a good guy is all, very analytical, and like you…very passionate. Go Gators back at ya, bud.