The rebuild will take longer than we thought

Kentucky safety Darius West makes an interception of a Florida quarterback Feleipe Franks pass to stop a drive during the fourth quarter Saturday at Ben Hill Griffin Stadium. [Brad McClenny/Staff photographer]

There was that moment, that flash in your brain when you thought it could happen again.

Sure, Kentucky had been the dominant team on both lines of scrimmage. But we’d seen it happen so many times, why not one more to make it an even 32 in a row?

Instead, it ended in a bizarre way, this time good bizarre for the Wildcats. The fumble return for a touchdown made the final score of a monumental win for coach Mark Stoops 27-16, but you know Florida was much closer than that.

And yet, maybe the Gators weren’t that close after all.

“What if we hit a Hail Mary on the last play?” said Florida coach Dan Mullen. “We’d still have the same issues and problems.”

Look at it this way — at least next year’s team won’t have the pressure of The Streak.

Not buying it, huh?

Nor should you.

As Kentucky’s small pocket of fans and pep band celebrated with a cheer usually reserved for basketball games in Gainesville (“C-A-T-S!” Cats, Cats Cats!”), Florida’s players trudged off the field with a feeling none of them nor maybe even their parents have ever felt.

Despair that should be bordering in desperation. Because if this team doesn’t get better in a hurry, get more physical, this is going to be a long season.

“You don’t know until you play games how physical are we on the offensive and defensive lines,” Mullen said.

As of last Saturday night, the answer is, “Not very.”

There were a lot of reasons for the Gator faithful to boo on a humid night.

Yeah, the kick was probably good.

And it did seem that the referee signalled it was not with the gusto usually reserved for a defensive back after a pass break-up.

But really, didn’t Kentucky deserve one of those?

Florida didn’t lose to Kentucky for the first time in three decades because of the field goal that was ruled no good.

It didn’t lose because Kentucky was due.

The Gators lost because they have a lot farther to go than any of us imagined.

Bigger. Stronger. Faster. Right?

But they weren’t bigger or stronger or faster than the team they were playing.

We all knew that Florida was a long way from being back among the elite of college football. We just didn’t realize how far away it is.

Saturday night we found out what it feels like to have the air sucked out of a stadium at the end of a Florida-Kentucky football game.

It’s not fun to be gasping for breath, is it?

“It’s about the players getting each other going and not allow it to be part of our program anymore,” said quarterback Feleipe Franks.

He was responding to Mullen’s comments after the game about his team not practicing with the right mindset, not hustling during practice.

Apparently, the feel good story leading up to this game was a bit of a mirage. Shoot, running back Adarius Lemons put it out on Instagram right after the game that he is transferring from UF.

And you thought it was embarrassing to lose to Kentucky.

Florida got beat by a quarterback playing his second college football game and his first ever in the SEC. He rarely flinched and when he did he usually was getting out of a Florida tackle.

Terry Wilson was the best quarterback on the field Saturday night. And Benny Snell Jr. was the best player. Which leads us all to the sobering conclusion — that Kentucky was the best team on the field in this game.

Maybe they were last year.

We know this — Florida lost both lines of scrimmage and that’s not a good sign because the Gators will see better ones.

This game was an indictment of an offensive line that had to be better because everyone was back, right?


It was an illustration that there is still no pass rush living in Gainesville (speaking of which, get yourself together Cece Jefferson).

And there was this — a time long ago in a place right across the street, Steve Spurrier invited the media to come out to practice one afternoon.

“We’re going to have tacklin’ practice,” said the Head Ball Coach.

That was after a win over Kentucky.

Saturday night after a loss to Kentucky, we should let the New Ball Coach know we’re available.

Yes, I knew it was inevitable, that the streak couldn’t go on forever. Even when Kentucky AGAIN forgot to cover a receiver twice in the game (once, on the two-point conversion try, Franks didn’t see Malik Davis) and made some silly mistakes on penalties, Florida — for once — couldn’t take advantage.

The Gators just weren’t good enough.

This game wasn’t about the Streak as much as it was about the Swamp. After a season where Florida went an abysmal 3-3 at home, the last thing the Gators wanted to do was get into an unfamiliar hole by losing at home.

Forget 32-0. This was about 2-0.

More importantly, 1-0 in the SEC.

Now, these are seldom-navigated waters for the mighty Gators. The last time they were 0-1 in conference play was 2004, Ron Zook’s last season. You can thank the Vols and the Wildcats for 13 years of 1-0.

The thing about Saturday night’s game is that it wasn’t going to give Florida a leg up in conference play no matter how much anyone believed it.

Think about it. Since the SEC East was created in 1992, the Gators had beaten Kentucky 26 straight times and only won the East 11 times. So beating Kentucky wasn’t THAT big a deal.

But it sure beats where you are when you lose to the Wildcats.

Anyone paying attention knows that Georgia established early in the day that any path to Atlanta has to go through Athens again this year.

Now, we can’t help but wonder if it will even stop by Gainesville for a visit.

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  1. I have never been a fan of Grantham ever since the choke sign to the gators kicker no less when he was at Georgia.

    This defensive performance was one of the worst if not the worst performance I have ever seen from a gators defense.

    Frank’s did not have a good game but to put the loss on him I do not he had at least 6 dropped passes and ran for his life all night long the O-line ( D Line also ) is horrific again I gave them last week because they were playing Charleston southern and still did not get any type of push.

    I am at a loss of words to say we may only win 4 this year be prepared to lose in Knoxville I think ten-ner is better than the Cats sorry to say we may go 0 – 8 in league play

    • Agree about Grantham, Paul. But there is now and will be a cancer in this program. The recruiting is abysmal this year, and can only get worse. Coaches are out there telling their kids to stay away from the “train wreck” that is Florida football. A 4* recruit announces his transfer from the program via twitter within minutes after the “game” (disaster). Mullen, Muschamp, MacElwain, or any other M cannot and will not fix this disaster of a program. Booster interest is at an all time low, and if that continues so will the slide.
      On the bright side….it can’t get much worse. Florida sports a top 5 ranking in All Sports year after year. If football were out of the equation it would be top 2. Sorry for stealing your thunder Paul as your post is eloquent and accurate.

  2. We as desperate Gator fans thought that Mullen could right the ship fast. The mess that McElwain left is monumental. This rebuilt is gonna take several years unfortunately. Thanks Coach MacElwain. I lived through 0-10-1 and I’ll live through this. We all will. Go Gators!

  3. Most of us that has followed the Gators for more than a few years knew this program was not going to be easy to rebuild. Seven (at least) years of mismanagement and incompetence will not be corrected just by the hiring of a coach. We also knew that the streak was not going to last forever. It’s going to take relentless recruiting, fan dedication and the exits of most of the previous coaches’ players. We seem to have a roster of lackadaisical players that’s not willing to put forth the effort to rid themselves of their previous coaching. A prime example is the suspension of several key players for various reasons and this after the same players witnessed what last year’s suspensions led to. Totally unacceptable effort tonight and a totally unacceptable attitude by the players. You listening, Gardner?

    • Yup. Pell came in an promptly put the program on probation that would take 8 years to fix. The message is clear…..Florida is a has been program with zero chance of reaching relevance if the present administration cannot generate any booster support. They sell tickets and could not care less if they lose 12 games. Even in 1979 they sold tickets so why should they bother trying to achieve when they do not have to. When fannies are not in the seats, and T shirts are not sold, things may change.

        • The administration is selling its fanbase on the notion that they truly intend to compete with Georgia, Alabama, and Auburn. That is a false notion. They sell us with optimism with each new regime, when they are not committed to football ever achieving this level again. The UAA does a great job of smoke and mirrors trying to make believers out of the fan base. I don’t believe a word of it anymore. Football is a money maker, and they will be overjoyed with a bowl game every 6-10 years. They have zero intention of getting nearly as good as Georgia.

  4. The rebuild will take longer than WHO thought?? Pat Dooley and Robbie Andreu?? I’ve called both out for pumping rainbows and sunshine all off season! Franks is terrible. The o line still stinks. Same as it ever was! Anyone who thought differently was delusional to begin with. But that encompasses 90% of Gator fans to begin with. I tried to tell everyone that Mullen struggled to begin with when he was at Florida under Meyer. People wanted him run off until Tebow got here. And now all the sudden he’s a coaching god?? Get real!!

  5. The biggest problem for the Gators is their lines. It all starts with the lines.

    The o-line is horrible. They cannot block. They cannot pass protect and cannot open any holes for the backs. The QB can’t make any throws if he does not have time and the RB can’t run anywhere if there are no holes. No offensive production at all. Also the play calling was very suspect. Everything took too long to develop. Nothing was easy. Then when someone was open the QB missed him or the player dropped the ball. Terrible performance. Try showing up next game.

    On defense, the line got no pressure on the opposing QB. Their QB was making only his 2d start and looked like a veteran. On pressure at all. Where was the pass rush? No sacks. The entire defense could not tackle. Why can’t these guys tackle? The ends failed to control the edge. Time and again they QB broke contain and the RB ran around the edge. It was sad, very sad to watch. And they were a second rate team. Wait to we play someone really good, they will score 100 points on this defense.

    Lemons wants to transfer. I don’t blame him who would want to play with these guys when they show no heart?

  6. Pat: Great review of reality! I believe you hit all the main points. I was an Engineering student in 1979 (0-10-1, with a 7-7 GA Tech tie). After every game we still yelled “its great to be a Florida Gator” and over the next 3-5 years, Gator Nation rallied around Charlie Pell’s rebuilding program: Result, a firm foundation and Championship quality teams of 1984-86 and beyond. I still give him credit for starting our winning era! Last night was defining. Unless this team beats Vandy (big question), we’re looking at 2-11. REALITY, we first must retreat and rebuild for the next 3-5 years…that’s what Dan Mullen is facing. Most of these players are not tough enough. Ivey got pushed around all over the place, etc. WE got hit in the mouth and didn’t respond. After yesterday, the 2018 story line: UGA East against AL/UA winner, PERIOD. Anybody want to bet against that? There will likely be a surprise or two, but our team is near Doug Dickey 1978 level.

  7. First of all, Mullen will now be referred to as McElmullen. He proved last night that that’s his coaching style. McElmullen told us there was this vastly improved QB, a stable of receivers, a stable of running backs and bulked-up linemen. Wrong on every effing count.

    Franks is fake QB that needs replaced Monday. Guess he thought Kentucky was going to be like Chas. Southern. Linemen that graded poorly should be demoted. What, after all this hard work we were told they did, they weren’t ready for the game? You just can’t lose your first SEC game at home to a 14-pt. underdog and league doormat. Can’t do that! Good coaches don’t do that!

    Other than Colorado St., Florida doesn’t have a sure win left on the schedule. Remember, many of the blowhards on here thought Kentucky was a gimme. Here’s another remedy to alleviate anger and anxiety over this football team. From here out, post about Gators basketball on any football article. Football season ended last night and make no mistake about that.

    B t w, almost forgot, at some point, McElmullen has to ditch the golf visor. I estimate that he repositioned that damned thing eighty times during the game. Geesh!

    • Not sure what you were reading but not once all offseason did Mullen overhype anybody. You’re missing one other team besides CSU that’s a potential sure win. Did you watch FSU against FCS Samford last night? That’s one pathetic team and coach up North.

      • You might be right about McElmullen not doing the hyping. It was probably the writers covering. Was so mad, didn’t look at the schedule and forgot about Idaho. At any rate, looks like this season will surpass (negatively) any year under Yellow Teeth.

        Have two season tickets on the 35 and will gladly let a father/son down the street use them for the remaining games. Much better things to do than watch these slugs.

    • Just Fyi, Colorado State beat Arkansas last night in Arky. Maybe FSU will be our patsy. Also, I watched the Georgia – S. Carolina game yesterday. SC was more competitive than the final score would indicate, and if Jake Bentley sees the same Gator pass rush that they showed tonight, SC will hang half a hundred on the “Fightin” Gators.
      This game was decided on UF’s second possession of the game when down 7-0, and they had a 2nd down and 1 from the 2 yard line to get a 1st and goal at the 1. Instead of just ramming the ball in, Franks drops back and takes an 8 yard sack trying to pass. This is followed by a missed pass on 3rd down, and we end up with a field goal. You could see the Kentucky defense walk off the field knowing that the Gators line would not be able to move them for the rest of the game, and the Gators knew it too.

      • Thought about it and you’re right, Dan. That was THE decisive moment right then, when they knew we were impotent, and more importantly, lacked the gumption to do anything about the game at hand. Very sad, inexplicable in fact.

  8. I thought again last night of how hard Football fate has been to us. Who would have thought after Meyer’s second NC game everything would go to football hell. And after his “Head Attack”, he goes to OSU and continues to win?! He could have done the same here, recruiting etc….Saban vs Meyer every year! Oh well back to September 2018, our 40th anniversary of DOUG DICKEY’s last season.

  9. I’ll add that I’m not sure we can be beat Colorado State either. I’ll go with we should beat Idaho who is an FCS team. Any other wins will be a plus for this very, very average team.

    I can’t wait to see how many of the players grade out as “Champions.”

    Last thing, if the team isn’t practicing well during the run-up to a game, wouldn’t you want to bring that to their attention during the week so that they’re ready to go on game day? Reading about it in the Coach’s postmortem just makes me mad.

  10. I just didn’t see a lot of “want to” from the team last night. The o and d lines, especially, have this hang dog look like they really don’t feel all that excited about playing football. It’s the attitude that has to change– but losing may be so ingrained in these players that they are beyond saving. I hope not, but as long as they won’t fight, they won’t win.

    On the broadcast, when the announcers asked Spurrier what Mullen had to do to restore the program, without any hesitation he said, “recruit.” That says a lot of what he thinks of the current talent.

  11. This is a bad team. Simple as that. Mullen has his hands full turning the football program around. And it should begin immediately with major changes on the OL and at QB. This team is not going to win much this year, so why not give Jones, Bleich, Couriage, and some of the other Mullen recruits a chance to learn on the job this year, and on both sides of the ball? And concerning Lemons. Do not let the door hit you on the backend as you leave UF. Your attitude is not welcome in Gainesville, as it was not welcomed in Clearwater. Go Gators.

    • Exactly. Time to bench the losers who have shown no improvement and even less “relentless effort” and begin to develop the younger guys – especially the O and D lines. Bench the showboats who talk trash while getting torched on pass coverage. Bench the chest thumpers who either can’t or won’t tackle a running back rather than swiping at the legs and whiffing or grabbing a jersey and being flung like a rag doll. Bench the players who draw penalties when compelled to bask in the adoration and celebration of the end zone crowd for the scoring of one lone touchdown. Previous coaches may be to blame, but this batch of losers is beyond redemption. Sad, but true. It is time to start over again and take the beatings we have coming anyway by developing a whole new team. We need to be patient with CDM and support the young and inexperienced players he should now be developing. Winning is a habit, as is losing. The current crop of starters have developed bad habits, and it seems they are unable to change. As I said in an earlier post, Coach Savage may have transformed bodies for the narcissistic posts on Twitter (which ought to tell us something right there), but the strength and conditioning program did nothing to improve physical and mental toughness. Start over. Let’s be patient. GO GATORS!

    • Man this o-line is awful. Practice must look a lot different if this is your best 5. What looked like a few thousand empty seats last night might hit 5 digits next week. It’s going to take more than wireless internet in the stadium to fill those empties.

  12. The mood swings manically from optimism to gloom. The reality is in the middle, somewhere between expecting a championship caliber team in Mullen’s first go and now believing this team can’t muster any more wins. Anyone who thought Mullen’s reconstruction projection undertaken at Florida would be quick was overreaching. But I haven’t changed my opinion, only my sights. This team will improve as the season continues. So will the recruiting. It’s painfully apparent our guys up front are below the needed level to compete. That’s not going to be a quick fix though I believe Conliffe and Slaton will become savvy interior D-linemen by next year. The offensive line is another matter. But the offense we saw last night from Florida featured okay calling that far exceeds the mundane, unimaginative leadership of the past seven years. The sky isn’t falling.

  13. Everyone else has covered most of the relevant points as to why Florida lost, bad line play on both sides, drops by receivers, poor tackling, questionable play calling, etc.. What concerned me most was the lack of veteran leadership on both sides of the ball and the lack of quality depth. Losing David Reese to injury was a huge blow. I’m not sure if having CeCe on the field would have mattered since he wasn’t much of a leader last year. Regardless, he showed lack of leadership in his actions that suspended him. There is no leadership on the offensive side of the ball at all. It should be senior Martez Ivey, but it isn’t in his DNA. Franks tries but he is a sophomore, not an upperclassman. He hasn’t had success to back up the talk.

    The lack of depth reared up when Marco Wilson went down. Brad Stewart and Dean are not Wilson, at least not yet. None of the LBs are David Reese. As much as it hurts to say, Mullen deserves a mulligan for the Kentucky game. He inherited a team completely and utterly void of true upperclassmen leaders. Kentucky had upperclassmen as leaders who refused to let their team lose. It showed in their will to win. It isn’t going to happen quickly for Florida. I just hope Florida can still recruit with poor showings on the field to get the needed players.

  14. Why, Why, Why is Mullen Blind, Blind, Blind????? To hear him say, I think it’s just fine at the half regarding protection on the line. And Blind when his QB is Bambi in the headlights???? And WHAT IS IT with the M names??? Meyer, Muscham, McElwain, Mullen? And for Mullen to get up there and say “I don’t know what Else we Could have Done”?????? Seriously???????

  15. Well you can coach all you want, train all you want, lift all the weights that you want but if you do not go into a game with the mindset that you are going to attack and kick butt, all is for not. This team certainly did not progress from week 1 to week 2, it regressed into the mental breakdown of last season. Physical talent may be there although not as much as we had hoped for, but the mental talent and hunger is definitely not.

    Dropped passes, side to side running by the backs instead of full speed ahead up field, atrocious tackling by the defense, no push by the offensive line, etc. all these are a lack of focus, a lack of hunger, and a general lack of enthusiasm. Just like Adarious Lemons, go find another program to play for. Attitude and approach are a big part of a successful team. Steve Spurrier never had #1 recruiting classes but he always had his teams confident and hungry. Mullen has major work to do and he needs 2-3 years to do it. Mississippi State needed a few years of his leadership to start winning. So will we. Sad but true. Go Gators!

  16. so everyone has reviewed what led to that loss…. which was deserved as the better team won last night.

    what I want to see going forward is a change in attitude! I want to see grit, fight, and commitment and I’m not sure that is something that is easily coached. That requires leadership within the team that is passed down from class to class and we have not had that for the last several years.

    Mullen needs to put whoever it is in there that shows some of these qualities in practice!! we have a stable of running backs that need to have more touches period. Until we can run some, teams will stack the box and we’ll we know the current deficits at quarterback.

    • “I want to see grit, fight, and commitment”. That isn’t who this team is right now. And you are right that it takes time to develop. This team came mostly to play for someone else and has been through a ton of coaching changes. I’m not sure giving the running backs more touches behind this garbage line is the answer. They’ve got to find some short term answers to a huge O-line problem or UF is looking at 4 or 5 win season.

    • Spurrier had one advantage that Mullen doesn’t have. He reinvented offense within the league. It took a few years for the league to catch up to what he was doing. Same thing with Meyer’s spread offense when he first came to Florida. It took a while but the rest of the league caught up. Now the league is more about talent than play calling.

  17. Spot on Pat. Any long time Gator who saw last years GA game knew that it would take years for the rebuild. We had managed to squeak by (not sure how) but that ended in Jax last year. All anyone has to do is pick up a program and look at our roster. We just aren’t that good. I know that is this now now now era we live in that this is frustrating and at 48 I don’t want to be 60 to be relevant again but I am afraid that we are a few years away. That being said I will embrace the tailgates and family time and all of the other great stuff associated with Gameday. Wait ’till next year. GO GATORS.

  18. Everyone should step away from the ledge. There was no reason to ever believe that this team was going to be very good. Mullen (and he is the right coach for the job) likely knew coming in that this was a rebuilding job. Poor recruiting and coaching for the last few years is the culprit to the current situation. Mullen performed a miracle at MSU and look at the quality of players he was able to recruit there. Save all of these negative comments until year three. You may come to feel bad about them. Also, we should not be concerned if the 4th string rb wants
    to transfer. That won’t hurt recruiting a bit.

  19. We are not a good football team. With that said, I’m not mailing in the season. Our recruiting every year has been far better than at MSU. Good coaches make adjustments. We must run the ball, period. Franks is not going to be Tebow, now or ever. I saw some improvements on defense once some other guys like Carter, Miller and others were in there. We actually started to stop the run a little. The safeties are bad, and the loss of Wilson really hurt and UK knew it. With all that said, it is the first year of a 5 year fix and it looked like it. No stunts, no blitzes, no edge control, Johnson had no idea whatsoever of how to zone block. Good coaches make adjustments, and I think these coaches will, but we will not see real improvement until year 3. The coaches are not off the hook. The play calling was bad. We ran well to the left, yet continued to call that terrible counter. The middle of the field was open all night, yet we continued to try to throw covered back shoulder flies, except twice. You cannot be predictable. Run from spread formations, throw when the H-back is in. This system is so different from what these kids are used to, and it showed. I’d give Franks a couple more chances with improved play calling. If sufficient improvements are not made, the development of Jones with the read option begins early. This is not unlike what most of us players expected, but the lack of adjustments and substitutions was a little surprising. I actually saw some d lineman walking to tackles. They were gassed. You cannot underestimate the loss of defense QB, Reese and CC. Getting the two best defenders back will help some, but this rebuild is going to take years, not games. Dan is the right guy for the job. The team never quit and neither will he. The future will be bright, but there will def be some growing pains for sure along the way…

  20. Just for starters, I wasn’t happy with the way the refs allowed so much holding to go on. At least six of UK’s big, critical third down conversion plays were assisted by blatantly, uncalled holds. Their TD pass was on a huge hold. That said, we shouldn’t have allowed that to prevent us from exercising basic technique and fundamentals. Just tackle well and this is a Florida win.

    I’m not going to bash Franks. he played tough, he played his heart out, but the OL let him down big-time. The defense was completely off balance all night and tackled like little league team. UK just did the same thing over and over and we couldn’t even wrap up.

    It was a total team loss. What we saw last night was some of the remnants of the mental and emotional instability McElwain left on this program, and it’s going to take time, and RECRUITING, to exercise that out of the program.

    Mullen turned the Miss. St. program around, and today they are tough, physical, and extremely competitive. I look towards that as where UF will be in another season or two, but I expect 2 – 3 years to turn it around anyway.

  21. slow down everybody! Before I start, ive generally had us above .500 but not championship level, with a slow climb. I still see staff upgrades needed at lb coach at a minimum. other than that we have good coaches imo.
    losing 7 or 8 guys out of the credit card 10 is basically like going on probation, so we will need time. even the ones we kept have zero to offer in the leadership dept., so I repeat, don’t waste carries on scarlett. Best wishes to mr. lemons, but my guess is the coaches didn’t think much of him trying to run on the touchbacks, so we all move on. in fact.a new process starts tomorrow. players show who wants to play, not the ones the coaches thought, now the players prove it. been starting a couple years, think your job is safe? not any more, you now are in the real world where job safety means you better do a good job tomorrow.
    I was fairly pleased with franks converting a few first downs, and keeping up the fight when the linemen weren’t. somebody needs to read the tim tebow statement again and take it seriously. don’t waste another season guys. like moonlight graham in field of dreams…you always think there is going to be another day, one day you realize that was the only day. these guys can beat south Carolina, they can beat uT and Vandy, they can win games. giving up after you lost a few is ungatorlike.

  22. Geez am I on the fsu board? You call yourselves Gator fans? CDM had 2 months of recruiting, while other coaches had 12. CDM took over a pathetic program from the previous 2 pathetic coaches. Did you seriously think it would get fixed in less than a season ? Franks has clearly shown he HAS made improvement in his reads, accuracy and intangibles. Our O line has regressed though, last season we could at least run the ball. This elite defense Pat and Robbie keep speaking of never showed up last night. One thing I have learned from reading the sports pages all over, NEVER BELIEVE WHAT YOU READ!! Not until you see it on the field of play!! Everything we have “heard” gave us false expectations. Who is to blame for all of that ? Look in the mirror and you’ll see just who led you to believe we would actually play in Atlanta this season. Gator6 , among others of the wiser on this board, has said numerous times that it will take CDM at least 3 years to rebuild the Gators to where they will compete year in and year out. Any other assumptions are just that! You do know what happens when you assume? It’s going to be painful and we are going to wish it were fixed tomorrow. We are going to be angry and hurt that our team isn’t playing for championships. That time will come, first things first, we MUST give CDM the opportunity to correct whats been removed from this program!! And WE as fan need to stand behind him regardless if we feel he is right or wrong. You do realize why we are not on those sidelines and he is ? Come on Gator fans, get behind CDM or get out of the way for those of us that will stand behind him regardless what others may say!! Goooo GATORS !!!!!!

  23. Creative journalism withstanding…

    The Sunday morning headline should have been…

    Program “Stoops” to new level

    UK had a disciplined approach. We don’t know what that word means. UK did nothing surprising. They lined up and dominated the field. 300+ rushing yards. Truth hurts.

    The program has to be back broken and re-set by a Charles in charge.

    We have the HBC to do it, but break it’s back and re-set it!

  24. Mullin gets much of the blame here. Picking Franks as starter, poor game prep and discipline. That BS dancing on the sideline last week, the goofy plays at the O&B game, not publicly chastising Chauncy-Gardner for his pregame bragging? He needs to at least give Trask a shot. What coach does not make a quarterback change at times to try to create a spark? Franks is shown to be the same problems as last year Mr. QB wisperer.
    The buck stops at the top!

  25. Quit banging your heads against the wall and quit blaming Mullen. We’re lucky he agreed to come here. Give the guy time. McElwain isn’t the devil but man oh man he left this program in shambles. All those 3 stars just aren’t adding up to much. And he won those two SEC East titles because of Muschamp’s recruits.

    There is one and only one answer – better recruiting.

    Why is Saban so adored? Not because he’s the best coach in the world. Have you watched that offense? It’s because he’s the best recruiter in the world, period (though Kirby and Urban are right there too). All Saban does is send 22 players out on the field each week, and most of them are the best ones on the field no matter who they’re playing. It’s easy to look like a genius when you have the best players year after year after year. Look at Georgia – average to good until Kirby brings in two top classes. 5* QBs are lining up to play in Athens. Meanwhile, Mac brings in a guy who didn’t start in HS. Not Trask’s fault but… I’m just saying.

    It’s going to take two or three years to become really competitive again. Plain and simple. A few good recruiting classes (they don’t have to be #1, just top 10 or so). Maybe some momentum. For now, though, don’t delete those 2006 and 2008 teams from your DVR. And it could be worse. We could be FSU, which has great talent (perpetual top 5 recruiting classes) but had to rally against Samford.