Daily Football Fix Video: Best Teams to Never Win


Gainesville Sun staff writer Robbie Andreu, left, and sports columnist Pat Dooley break down another segment of the Daily Football Fix.


  1. Well, that ”1984 Florida team” BEAT U.G.A. like a drum. A goal line stand, then a 96 yd. T.D. from Bell to Nattiel to seal the deal 27-0. What a game (and after years of being run over by Herschel Walker, too). It was deserving of a comment here, at the very least. What a day!
    Go Gators! Let’s beat U.G.A. -again- this year, it’s time!

  2. Pat, so glad to hear you say Galen Hall was railroaded. I’ve always felt that way. I wanted to strangle him in ’85 for pulling Bell for Brewer way too early against Rutgers, but I’ve always been convinced he got a raw deal on the probation issue.

      • I can’t remember who said it, Joe, it was quite a while ago but it stuck with me like glue because it was so funny: “Winning the East is like being the tallest midget”.

        Sounds like something Richard Dery would come up with; maybe Daz Wazzle….or Leland.