A MLB draft solution? Maybe


There was a lot of swearing, grousing and complaining Monday night around the Gator Nation for a lot of reasons. Weather, start times, umpires. In one case, Florida fans were not alone.

Several teams had to go through the drama of having players drafted by Major League Baseball teams during the most important games of their season. This always causes a mild outcry and a Twitter trend, but it never changes.

There is one thing you have to understand before we can go any further.

The professional leagues couldn’t care less about the college sports.

That’s why we have one-and-dones in basketball, players skipping bowl games in football and players getting drafted and hearing it shouted from the stands while they are taking the baseball field.

And college sports, which has a barely organized main office and no commissioner, is powerless to do anything. The pros will tell you when and where they will pick your players and what they expect of them and college sports just has to bend over and say, “Thank you, sir, may I have another.”

With a somewhat hamstrung CEO of college athletics in Mark Emmert, nothing is going to change. The recent committee on college basketball made a few soft recommendations and life goes on and Bruce Pearl gets a contract extension because he’s winning games.

The fans just have to take it. I think there are answers, but since nobody takes the questions seriously, they may never come.

Here’s one:

Why not have the Major League Draft the week before it is now?

Conference tournaments are about revenue and last chances. A lot of teams don’t even take them seriously. I’m not saying you do away with them, but if the draft is going on during the conference tournaments, it’s hardly as big a deal.

Make too much sense?

Thought so.


  1. If the ncaa really wanted to get the pro leagues to work with them, all they would have to do is allow any players to continue to be eligible as long as they don’t sign with an agent or a pro team. How quick would the pros respond if they drafted players and didn’t know if they were going to sign or go back to school? Why let the pros set the rules?

  2. They should have the MLB draft after the College World Series is over. I really don’t see what the big deal is. Its only a few weeks later. That would give the scouts another opportunity to evaluate players in a high stakes situation and also eliminate the distractions for the players. The NBA and NFL drafts are held after the college championships for those sports so it just makes more sense.

  3. Do you want another idea that makes too much sense to be adopted? And not for the reason that initially makes the most sense? Have the Heisman vote after the bowl games. Then the big names might not sit out the bowl games.

  4. I like your solution, Rob, but you know(and Pat knows, he said it), the pros don’t care about college sports, or college fans, either. It IS ridiculous. I was watching Ole Miss in the fight of their lives(they lost) in their regional. Late in the game, their pitcher(he was not in the game, thankfully) gets taken in the first round. So he is ecstatic just moments before his team loses, but must reign in the joy that he will soon be a multimillionaire and continue playing the game he loves, as his team desperately fights to stay alive.
    I believe India playing poorly in the first game Monday may have had to do with the draft. He obviously got his head straight for the second game, thankfully.