Dooley Noted: What a game it was! A review of championship game


Pat reviews the championship game between Alabama and Georgia, considers rankings for next year and looks at upcoming Gator basketball games.


  1. Saban inserting the “Freshman Team” in the second half of the National Championship game, to win! What else can Satan do? Yes, lots of bad calls, but GA just wasn’t good enough to put it away. Fromm just couldn’t hit the key passes, late, giving Bama the chances they needed.

    Crazy year ending in hope with Dan Mullen. Yes, Gators have a long ride ahead gathering the talent GA and AL have. Lets enjoy a steady rise back.

    BB team appears to be jellying.

    Great show Pat!

    • Derick, you mean ”beat the best”, like U.F. did in 1996? Or was it when U.F. won it all, beating U.G.A., and ‘Bama in football and basketball, and oh, winning the National Championships in both basketball and football in the same year? And has ‘Bama and/or U.G.A. ~EVER~ accomplished that feat?
      Don’t think too hard, I’ll tell you, ”NO!”, that hasn’t been done by either ”Bama” or “U.G.A.”!

  2. Just ’cause ONLY Gator fans can say it, ”Florida is the only school in NCAA Division I history to hold the men’s basketball and football championships during the same school year.” ~Wikipedia.
    Chomp-chomp! Been ”the best” at 2 popular sports, football & basketball, in the same year!
    P.S.- Time does NOT diminish the ”only school” part! Go Gators!

  3. Although I was firmly cheering for the meteor to hit Atlanta instead of either team winning, I’ll take a Bama win over UGA as long as the Bulldogs couldn’t brag all off-season about their NC. I picked Bama in the pre-season to win it all anyway so it worked out the way I figured, but let me repeat, I would have rather two other teams been playing instead of these two (and no, not fsu either).

    That said, after reviewing the tape, the one thing that stood out to me is that UGA really hurt themselves in the 4th quarter by going from their successful short-passing game and attacking the perimeter to running right at Bama. They sat on the lead and it ended up getting them beat imo. Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad they did, but it was basically the total opposite game plan from their game v.s. OU. when they never took their foot off the gas.

    Add to that, Frohmm looked “good”, but I didn’t see him make a single hard throw into the Bama defense all night. Maybe I missed it? Short slants, underneath, sideline passes, all safe stuff to help the run game and keep Bama’s LB’s off balance, because that;s obviously where Smart thought Bama was the most vulnerable

    The good? UGA isn’t national champions.

    The bad? Bama found their next elite QB and RB and may be even better on offense next season.

    • If that kid develops over the off-season like Bama will probably develop him, those guys are going to be hot, hot, hot next year. Damnit. But did you notice the difference in sense of urgency between him and Hurts? Looked to me like the whole team suddenly picked up on it, and what a difference it made in the outcome (aside from the boneheaded referee calls and the incorrect adjustments Georgia made for the 2nd half). And right there is the most important intangible that goes with the QB position–leadership. That is a whole different animal than being a game “manager” like our quarterbacks were expected to be last year.

    • Just a glimpse of things to come for the DAWGS. They are now the Beast of the East and will challenge Bama for SEC and national supremacy for years to come. Comforting to know that UT and UF will be playing chase for as long as Kirby is roaming the sidelines.

      • Not so fast, Wally. Yes, Georgia has a great recruiting class for next year and will definitely ride it quite a way. And yes, Kirby Smart is a helluva coach. We knew that when he took the job, and I don’t think anybody on this forum would disagree but for a rabid few (and that would be just ‘cuz). But here’s the other side: The East is rebounding starting next year, and the evidence is real. The Gators are probably going to experience a major, dramatic turn around and will be knocking on the door in two or three years. Tenn just hired a really sturdy head coach, and the dysfunction in their athletic department will be straightened out for sure with the advent of Phil Fulmer back now. Mizzou seems to be straightening out all their dysfunction as well, despite their poor showing against Texas a few weeks ago–and it would be very hard to deny that once they turn it back around, they’ll still be putting up big numbers on offense and with a better defensive unit. Finally, USC really does seem on the verge of something significant (although it is still pretty subjective at this point). Vandy and UK? Who knows, not likely, but that changes nothing. Finally, with the level of competition that the East is likely to return to, it will make all teams better and I think especially the Gators. So Georgia is going to have to contend with all that plus. Sure, Georgia seems to have the edge right now, and they probably do. For right now. I’ve been following SEC football intently since 1960….and in particular being a Gator fan since before even then. One thing I’ve learned is that “long term” predictions don’t (a) often last for long, and (b) don’t last forever.