Dooley Noted: Death threats misstep a teachable moment for McElwain


Pat talks about the upcoming Florida-Georgia game and interviews Chip Towers of


  1. Sorry for your loss(es), Pat. The ”better place” is truly better! It has to be, and for one very good reason: no evil! And despite what you say about ”staying alive” or ”staying on earth”, please read ”2 Corinthians Chap. 4”. My personal ”unveiling” came from ”Romans 8”, either way, ”google it”, you don’t even need a Bible anymore! ~God bless!

  2. Saw you on Finebaum, you appear to love being on TV

    You had to say 50 percent chance of Mc leaving this year

    I have no idea and you don’t either

    When the recruiting year goes into the tank, I bet rivals use your comment as info they give to our recruits

    Who appointed Paul Finebaum as King of the SEC, he is so pro bama, its a joke.

    His show is a joke with all of his callers from Alabama, I’d rather mow my grass than watch him

    Maybe you can get a TV gig with Paul