Dooley Noted: Banged-up Florida in tough spot against Texas A&M


Pat previews the Florida-Texas A&M game and interviews Tony Barnhart of TMG College Sports.


  1. (1) Yes, revised podcast names are way better, thumbs up
    (2) I’ve decided this season is simple: a. Nine credit card guys did ruin the locker room and caused the team to be at least 40% less than they should be b. Franks doesn’t “get it” and Del Rio gone
    (3) A&M 31 UF (slime green) 13…helmets are OK
    (4) This season is likely already “in the books”, finish 5-6 (no bowl)
    (5) Next season is Mac’s last chance: must start over with a new hot freshman QB and healthy team
    (6) PS: I can still feel the Doug Dickey pain of the 1975 GA game.
    (7) USC 35 UT 10…its over for Jones
    (8) Hope I’m wrong about the above Gator factors, BUT Barnhart is right, we must show something different?

  2. Lots of negative comments being made (e.g. DeWayne). Coach Mac needs to get the troops fired up to play at a higher level – they are capable of this – just need to gain some confidence. I saw flashes of greatness in some of our running plays last week (I attended the LSU game). We lost by just one point against a team that is similar in its progress to the Gators. Remember that LSU lost to Troy the previous week – they did not let this get them down, but instead used it as motivation against the Gators. We need to do the same thing – a close loss to a young LSU team at home should be motivation enough to get our boys fired up to play some big boy football against a good Texas A&M team that (as I recall) played Bama pretty tough. GO GATORS!!!

    • LSU lost to Troy. Troy just lost by double digits to South Alabama(who is now 2-4). What does that tell you about both LSU and UF? They are 2 poorly coached teams and are playing that way. With the exception of Vandy we haven’t cracked 60 offensive plays in a game. As stated by Robbie Andreu, it takes Florida 9 minutes to run a 2 minute offense. Get the troops fired up and play at a higher level? And how do you suggest he does that? This team is lost and has no identity. That all starts with the coaching staff. This team is regressing and not progressing. Make all the excuses you want about the knuckle head nine and Cleveland being out. There is no excuse for being outside the top 100 in offense for the 3rd year in a row. This team could easily be 1-4. We are back to “Wait until next year” all over again.

  3. In my opinion,jthis is just not a good football team–yet. The talent is there, but there is a lot of reliance on freshmen and sophomores who all need more game experience. Of course, more talent at the skill positions would help. In my opinion, Gators are headed for a 6-5 season and a spot in the Poulan Weedeater Bowl. That assumes they can beat Missouri, South Carolina and UAB. I just don’t see a win vs. Tex. A&M, Georgia or FSU. I wish/hope I am wrong. I just don’t see good offensive line blocking, QB play, running, pass coverage, etc. LSU is a poor team this year and Florida could not beat them in the Swamp. Will changing to another QB help? I don’t know as I have not seen some of the other QBs. Franks appears to be a slow runner, indecisive at times and seems to have trouble throwing deep. Receivers not getting open. The Wild Gator formation seems to work at times, especially if Toney can throw the ball. I am just hoping for the best this season. Basketball is coming in a month.

  4. The truth is that U.F. & Coach Mac (love him or ”waiting to see still”), is just barely beating U.K., Vandy, and a bad Tenn. team. He’s lost to a bad L.S.U. team, got thumped by a good Michigan team, and now the A&M & U.G.A. ”back to back” games will truly reveal how far off the mark the Gators are in the S.E.C..
    And in Mac’s 3rd year, with all his excuses intact at least, the Gators are just barely winning when they do win. And now for the real kick in the teeth, Pat’s blaming us (the fans) for ”the negativity” and how it affects recruiting. Imagine that… as I always thought it was the ”wins and loses” that determines things like the ”fans’ attitudes” and how it ”affects recruiting”.