Sunday Blog, Week One: Florida should revisit venue

The video screen above the field is set to broadcast the match between Florida and Michigan on Saturday in Arlington, Texas. (AP Photo/Roger Steinman)

The Sunday Blog comes at you from the airport in Dallas very early in the morning. So excuse any typos:

  • One thing about the crowd in Arlington, it was pretty cool to see all of those Gator fans there. It was a 50-50 crowd and I think as much because it felt like something special. I think a lot of people went just to see the stadium, which is one reason they didn’t leave early. As bad as the day turned out, Florida should want to go back to that game if asked again.
  • It feels like some Heisman Trophy hopes went bye-bye on the first Saturday of the season. We may not hear about Josh Allen of Wyoming again until the NFL draft. And, not surprisingly, the first big Saturday was filled with upsets, including 45-point underdog Howard beating UNLV. The funny thing is that we will have strong impressions (for example, LSU’s defense and Maryland’s offense), but so much changes as a season goes along. For the Gators’ sake, you hope so.
  • I’m sure Alabama fans are concerned about their offense as well, but sometimes you just do enough to win the game and FSU’s defense is pretty salty. The Tide will be a fascinating story all year.
  • And will go to No. 1 when I vote in the new AP poll on Tuesday. I’m seriously thinking about dropping Florida completely out. Likely, I’ll find a spot for them. Do I rank Maryland? The good thing is I have some time to think about it because of the extra games on the holiday weekend.This much we know — with the amazing slate of games this coming Saturday, the polls are really going to look different next week.


  1. I would rank Florida 25th if you can’t think of another, by the time you get that far down. Drop media over rated USC to 10th, yes Maryland deserves 20th or so…would drop FSU to 12th (with OB likely gone, hope not). Clemson up to 2 or 3.

  2. Florida had their head coach as Muschamp’s DC, and who would have thought he would have brought the Gators the type of offense Maryland has and McElwain would bring us three years of offensive misery with Nussmeier as the offensive coordinator. Fact: The Florida offense is highly poorly coached up. Who is to blame? Who knows for sure. But it sure seems like it is time for changes at the offensive coordinator position on this Florida staff. Nussmeier is just not fit to be the Florida OC. Period. And, if he is not removed, I feel McElwain will be removed from the HC position not far in the future. Maybe Florida should just make McElwain in charge of facilities development and hire the current Maryland OC as the head coach ASAP. That is a joke, but something needs to be done about the Florida offense by someone. No one can tell me that Maryland has more player talent on offense than Florida has. Not even close. But, apparently, they have much better coaches on the offensive side of the ball.

  3. After a bad night (no sleep), thinking about the fiasco yesterday. got up today and the sun is shining and willing to put the game behind. We looked bad, but it is the first game, has happened to other teams before. I don’t think is time to berate our players. We have to get behind them and encourage them rather than discourage them, I have a feeling that something good will come out of this loss. GO GATORS!!!!!

    • Nobody is berating the players, the majority of the Gator fans are BERATING THE COACHES (that just got a BIGGER PAY INCREASES in pay than any state employee, or company employee will get before this Christmas holiday seasons, if at all). We love the players so much that we ”want to see them become the best they can be”. And right now the ”player development” is NOT happening. Sadly, after only 1 game, that showed more than anything.

    • And you must have also taken some LSD to think this team is anything but average to bad. It wasn’t one game. It was the same as the Bama game last year and the year before. It was the same as the Michigan game in Orlando. It was the same as the fsu games. Other than the LSU game last year we have been pounded by every good team we have played under Mac.

  4. So, Mr. Football, is the Gators’ O line really that bad or are they getting outnumbered and over matched because of poor play selection and Nussmeier failing to take advantage of defenses crowding and overstacking the line?

    • I think a little of both. It sure is hard to hold your block when you’re outnumbered so often during the game…but it sure looked like they got pushed around…pushed around to the point that my wife said “sure looks like they’re getting pushed around pretty easy”. Go figure. Mac made a post game comment about giving the OL the opportunity to succeed, meaning start coaching like an SEC football team! We just aint getting it done in the play calling department.

  5. Who would have thought that Muschamp’s offense in his 1st year at SC would be more productive than Mac’s in his 2nd year. Mac is a fraud and you better believe it……..he has to go. He whines like a little girl in his press conferences. He has lost control of his players…….if they respected him they wouldn’t have rap sheets as long as his arm.

  6. Sad to say we didn’t look ready to play in the second half. No adjustments offensively or defensively. Why does Michigan always make us look inept??? What is it? Four games since about 2008 and we always look the same and they, unfortunately, always look the same. I hope we’re not a bunch of snowflakes that have to be told how good they are and are not. I’m still all in for coach Mac but he must be doing an awful lot of soul searching right now.

  7. Coach Mac is going to try and show Nussmier is worth his salt. Folks, his series of play calling leaves the gators in third and long constantly. Remember, before Nuss came to Florida he was at Michigan and they were awful on offense. Now we got him. Gators we’ve been through this and you know this is going to set us back alot. Get ready for a long lonely ride.

  8. If McElwain can’t develop a QB this year then he should be fired. He’s suppose to be a QB guru and so far he hasn’t developed a single QB since he’s been here. Playing all these transfers trying to come up quick is not the answer because all these years later we’re still in the same position we were in before he got here. Franks looks the part but McElwain is scared to ride with him. That Michigan game was perfect for him to learn from. You suspend your playmakers what else was he suppose to do. He made one silly mistake (the fumble) then you put in razzle and dazzle who didn’t look any better, acutally he looked worse. Let Franks play without having to look over his shoulder. Let him take his lumps so he can learn from the. You can’t learn if you’re not allowed to make any mistakes…..


  9. Being ranked is something you earn – the Gators have not earned this privilege (not yet). Fortunately, we have the remainder of the season for this team to pull it together and get better. To have 10 players with suspensions is demoralizing. The suspended players should be brought together in one room and lectured by the HC. They should be reminded how their rule-breaking behavior has let the team down. I still say that our primadonna (Calloway) should find another school that is foolish enough to take him. This would serve as an example to the other players. In baseball, its 3 strikes and you are out. Calloway should be out – he is clearly a bad influence on the other players. Finally, we should be getting leadership from our top running back – not the kind he has shown by breaking the rules. He should be warned about going down Calloway’s path, and he should be told what it is to be a leader – he needs to demonstrate leadership qualities, the first and foremost of which is humility and a WE rather than ME mentality.

  10. No way should UF remain in top 25 after being embarrassed by Michigan.
    UF continues to spend megabucks on its football program: facilities, coach/staff salaries, etc. But shows its expenditures are not producing “top 10” results.
    Look at Penn State: a “Phoenix from the ashes” after reduced scholarships, etc.
    Why so many Gator football players caught up in debit card fraud? Don’t hear about such crap with Gator baseball, softball, volleyball, etc.
    Gator football hasn’t had a player-leader since Tim Tebow.
    What’s wrong with the Gator football “picture”?

  11. Very disappointed, was hoping we finally had a offense. I’m so glad I don’t waste the time or the money in Dallas. I will not waste my resources in Gainesville either, we should look good against those little schools, but against the big boys we can’t move the ball. Thank you defense for playing your hearts out for the last 3 years, sorry you’ve had no help from the offense or Head Coach.

  12. Dear Pat, Why on earth would any Gator want to travel back to Dallas and pay to watch our under coached boys get beat up again. These Gator Coaches should be paid on the, “WIN ONLY”. Think of the millions of bucks spent in Dallas by Gator Fan’s and at any road game anywhere. It is time to,”DRAIN THE SWAMP”, and let’s cut our losses now and hire back the ball coach or Chip Kelly, and if that mean’s we have two fire the A.D, we can drain his office as well. Something must change today, or the week after next, Coach Mac will start blaming the kids just like he did last year. All Gator football Coaches should create a slush fund or a, “Go Fund Me Account”, to repay GATOR FANS, for having two pay to come watch the crap there serving each week. FED UP IN CHICAGO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!