It’s an odd pairing at MSG


It was bizarre. It was bizarre not to see Florida doing interviews in Madison Square Garden on the eve of its Sweet 16 game against Wisconsin but to also see South Carolina.

There may be a lot of chalk in the NCAA Tournament but not here, not in the mecca of college basketball where dirty snow and bags of garbage line the sidewalks.

This East Regional is the NCAA Tournament at its most unpredictable.

The top two seeds are gone, sitting on couches thumbing through PlayStation games. Instead, Madison Square Garden is playing host to a three seed, a four, a seven and an eight.

Wisconsin was underseeded as an eight, but they expected to get here. That’s what the Badgers do.

South Carolina stunned the brackets with its upset of Duke and a stranger than fiction 65-point second half.

Baylor was a wild card because nobody had the Bears going too far. Did you?

And there’s Florida, given up for dead after three losses in its last four games.

Whoever comes out of this regional, nobody is going to think it will have a chance in the Final Four. Unless, of course, more bizarre things happen.

Isn’t that what makes the tournament great?