The Four-Point Play comes at you after taking a week off for, well, for, um, let’s not live in the past.
* Sometimes there is just that team that gets you. The 2006 national champs had South Carolina. This Florida team has Vanderbilt. Mike White is now 0-4 against the Commodores, but three of the losses have come by a total of five points. Somehow, some way, White has to figure out why KeVaughn Allen goes invisible sometimes. He gets into a rhythm and then something — foul trouble, missed free throws — knocks him out of it. At any rate, if I told you before the season Florida would go 14-4 in the SEC this year, I’m guessing you would have taken it.
* The latest Lunardi Lunacy has five SEC teams in the tournament with Vandy in the play-in game. That didn’t go so well for the Commodores last year when they lost 70-50 to Wichita State in Dayton. It will be interesting to see what kind of Vandy crowd shows up for the SEC Tournament. It may be the only place in the SEC where you can play the tournament in the team’s hometown and the home team doesn’t have many fans.
* This from Tom Izzo after Michigan State’s loss Saturday — “I blame all of you guys. I’ll blame everyone in this room. We haven’t done a good job promoting the Big Ten.” That, my friends, is a load of crap. And I think he knows it is. You are what you are. If the Big Ten media wrote more positive stories do you think it would sway the committee? Of course not. The chairman is Michigan State’s AD. Please, Tom.
* Man, did Twitter have some fun with Michael Jordan after his comments during halftime of the North Carolina-Duke game. “The ceiling is the roof,” Jordan said. And the floor is the ground. My question — why did ESPN even show his presentation and give away all of that free advertising to his brand? Bigger question — who got more air time Saturday? Jordan or Luke Kornet’s mom? Man, some producer at ESPN was smitten.