Today’s BasketBlog comes at you after a wild night at the O-Dome and my ears are still ringing.

* Not only did Florida beat Kentucky by the most points in UF history but Florida’s rebounding margin was the most allowed by a John Calipari-coached Kentucky team. By seven rebounds. The previous worst margin came in the Tennessee game the game after Nerlens Noel blew out his ACL in Gainesville in 2013. Six UF players had at least four rebounds and they did it despite a word of caution from Mike White and his staff about crashing the offensive glass and letting Kentucky get out on the fast break.

* As Devin Robinson was leaving the interview room Saturday night, I asked him if he had heard that Missouri had won. “Who’d they beat?” he asked. “Arkansas,” I said. “Oh. My. God.” Yeah, I’m pretty sure that was the response heard around the conference. I thought Mizzou has a real shot at going 0-18 in the SEC. And now Arkansas goes back to the bubble with Tennessee, which blew a 19-point lead at Mississippi State.

* Did you see how St. Bonaventure fans stormed the court before their game against VCU was over and ended up costing their team the game. Maybe that will be a deterrent because it’s not a student or fan problem but an administration problem. And an NCAA problem. Rather than leave it up to conferences and schools, why not have a fine from the governing body?

* One more thing about Florida-Kentucky. It’s not an upset when the team that was favored wins. Okay? And the Wildcats did not go to the Swamp to play Florida. Geez, ESPN.