The Sunday Blog comes at you from the road and what may well be my last trip to Arkansas considering the two teams won’t play in Fayetteville for at least 10 years.
* If this is what the commissioners were shooting for, they achieved their goal with the playoff system. By that I mean coaches going after style points and embarrassing lesser foes. You look at some of the scores from Saturday and you can’t help but think that these coaches know winning isn’t enough. And it’s only going to get worse when you hear comments like these from Louisville coach Bobby Petrino — “It’s sad because there’s something called sportsmanship, but maybe I made a mistake. Maybe looking back at it, in Florida State, we should have kept all the starters in and scored 80 points and did that.”
* A year ago, Michigan State was in the College Football Playoff. This year, the Spartans are 2-7 and won’t be bowl eligible. We’ve seen some monumental collapses from some brand-name teams (Notre Dame and Oregon come to mind), but Michigan State’s is hard to fathom. “We’re on a long road, everybody’s walking on that road,” said MSU coach Mark Dantonio. “We may not all be right at the same time on that road. But there’s a long line of us on that road. And we’ve got to keep pushing and we’ve got to come out the other end.”
* Something has to change for Florida. The Gators now rank 91st in the country in offense and it’s not going to get better facing Will Muschamp this week, then a defense that held Alabama to 10 points, all in the fourth quarter. It feels like the Gators are running about 10 plays over and over. I’m no football coach, but I know that the play-action bootleg play that they run every game is no longer effective. Defenses are onto it. How about some creativity? I’ve seen other teams play. I know you are allowed to run reverses and trick plays. Something has to change.
*As bad as Florida was Saturday, the Gators could still clinch the East title with a win over South Carolina and a Tennessee loss to Kentucky. And, yes, we checked and the winner of the East does have to go to Atlanta. It’s in the by-laws. Interestingly, Kentucky still has a shot and plays a home basketball game against UCLA the same day as the SEC title game. I don’t think that will be good for attendance at the Georgia Dome.