The Sunday Blog comes at you after a wonderful weekend in Orange Park, St. Augustine and Jacksonville. And let me tell you, St. Aug is still a mess after Hurricane Matthew.

* It almost feels surreal to wake up in a world where Florida is essentially a game and a half ahead of Tennessee and Kentucky in the SEC East race. How do Gator fans feel about Will Muschamp now? That was a big win for the former Florida coach and you look down the road and see a path for the Gamecocks to get bowl eligible. Amazing.

* And who would have thought we’d be heading into November and Tennessee would not be bowl eligible yet? Are they back to being the Kardashians? Butch Jones didn’t sugarcoat this one. “Obviously, we were too sloppy,” he said. “Just very, very disappointed in the way we played, particularly coming off the bye week. Give South Carolina credit, but that was unacceptable.” Oh, I don’t know. I know a lot of people who accepted that result.

* Wow, did Jimbo Fisher go ballistic Saturday night or what? He was so upset over a call of a chop block that negated a long Dalvin Cook run that he lost his mind and ended up with a 15-yard penalty. Sometime Monday, he’ll find out how much money that will cost him because he will be fined over these comments. “I will tell you what — you hold coaches accountable, you hold players accountable, hold the damn officials accountable. It is garbage, and then to call another penalty on the sideline is even more garbage. It’s cowardly, gutless and wrong.” I thought it was a close call, but not egregiously bad. Let’s put it this way — I’ve seen worse. And officials are held accountable. If the ACC feels the official blew the call, he could be suspended or not be assigned a bowl game and lose way more money proportionately than Fisher will lose with his fine.

* So whose defense is worse — Missouri or Mississippi State? Mizzou has given up more than 500 yards in four straight games for the first time in school history. Mississippi State gave up 627 yards to Samford. Not Stanford, Samford. Meanwhile, late Saturday night Washington State was down 24-6 at the half and I went to bed, but the fighting Mike Leaches came back to beat Oregon State 35-31. And Stanford righted its sinking ship by handling Arizona.