The Sunday Blog comes at you after a bye week blowout that included Kobe burgers, a fire in the pit and the Cubs getting into the World Series.

* Saturday was a lot of fun, but I know this — I can’t retire. Having two bye Saturdays in a three-week stretch was not healthy. But it was fun. Especially with my wife cheering on the Cubs while I tried to concentrate on football. To be honest, the day games were a little boring, but the night games made up for it.

* Who would have thought that Urban Meyer’s 20-game road winning streak would have ended because of a special teams breakdown? Two weeks ago, we thought there were clearly two teams above the rest. Now we look at Ohio State and wonder how motivated they will be for their Citrus Bowl matchup with Tennessee. Things can change so fast in this sport.

* You may have missed the end of Washington State’s win over Arizona State and what Todd Graham to Mike Leach when the coaches met after the game. “Hey man, what you did in the newspaper is chicken(bleep). I’ve always respected you. For you to do that is bull(bleep).” Leach had accused Graham of stealing signs. I guess he didn’t steal enough. Also Saturday, we had a record set for most yards in a game — 1,708 by Texas Tech and Oklahoma. Oklahoma won 66-59, unless they scored again while I was writing this.

* The SEC is concerned about filling its 11 bowl slots and it should be. Two teams are bowl eligible — Alabama and A&M. Five more will likely make it — Florida, Tennessee, Arkansas, Auburn and LSU. Each needs one more win. Kentucky, which picked up the East’s first win over the West this season, and Georgia are 4-3 with a softie remaining and one of them has to win the game between the two teams in two weeks. Vandy is now 4-4, but I’m not sure I see two wins on their remaining schedule. Missouri is finished and so is Mississippi State. South Carolina is doubtful. The intriguing story is Ole Miss, now 3-4 with three winnable games and two tough ones left. Do the Rebels just tank it after two brutal months or suck it up?