The Sunday Blog comes at you after a couple of late nights because, well, a couple of late nights.

* The stat of the day may be that Lane Kiffin’s team has now outscored his two former college football employers by a combined 101-16. Kiffin finished off his night by tossing his visor into the stands to a Tennessee fan. You have to figure that someone will hire Kiffin, but is he interested in taking a lower level job? Right now, here’s what we know — if you give him the best players in the country, he’s something else.

* Florida cornerback Quincy Wilson tweeted out a copy of the SEC East standings Sunday morning with this — “Funny how things end up.” Except they haven’t ended up. I still think Tennessee is going to win the East. The Vols don’t play anyone with a pulse the rest of the way and Florida has to go to Arkansas and LSU.

* I think Brian Kelly is losing it. He pulled DeShone Kizer in the third quarter and inserted Malik Zaire at quarterback. In three possessions with Zaire, Notre Dame had one yard and a safety. And then he got snippy with reporters because, you know, it’s always our fault for asking questions about your crappy football team. The Flopping Irish will — assuming they can handle Army — win three of four against Miami, Navy, Virginia Tech and Southern Cal to be bowl eligible. Enjoy the offseason, Bri-dog. Remember when Florida fans thought he should be the next UF coach?

* My MVP for the weekend was Vanderbilt linebacker Zach Cunningham. The guy should be an All-American, but I doubt that voters would pay enough attention to realize how good he is. And, yes, I bought a North Carolina t-shirt today. Thanks for asking.