The Sunday Blog comes at you after a safe trip home and a special thanks to our Friday night host Zach Piller. It was epic.

  • LSU’s 42-7 win over Missouri coupled with Florida’s unimpressive showing in Nashville probably has a lot of Gator fans wondering if they should sleep in Saturday. There was a lot of emotion in Baton Rouge and I don’t think Missouri matches up well with LSU. Let’s face it — Florida’s offensive line makes it susceptible to lose any of its remaining games except Presbyterian. One alarming thing was that the Florida players made available to us after the game all seemed to feel like they played well and they’d be fine this week. “You play UMass, North Texas, Vandy and it’s like ahhhhh. You play Tennessee or LSU and it’s (pounds fist into hands several times),” Teez Tabor said*
  • When athletic directors hire coaches, they tend to go the opposite of the coach who was just let go. That’s why Florida hired Jim McElwain after Will Muschamp. But just because you are considered an offensive or defensive coach doesn’t mean your team will be good on that side of the ball. (Florida is 77th in total offense this season). For example, I give you Charlie Strong. Texas is 116th in the nation in scoring defense. It sounds like the Longhorns might be getting into the Tom Herman Sweepstakes.
  • I texted Larry Fedora after North Carolina’s dramatic win over FSU. He texted me back, “Always good to win in Tallahassee.” Yes, it is.
  • If you didn’t like Saturday’s college football drama, you just don’t like college football and you don’t need to be reading this. The Georgia-Tennessee finish was just ridiculous. Two things — reserve linebacker Rico McGraw’s 15-yard penalty for running on the field without his helmet cost his team dearly and there are not enough wind sprints he could run to make up for it. And when will coaches realize that the three-man rush on Hail Mary plays is a stupid idea? Wheeeeennnn????