The Sunday Blog comes at you from the Knoxville airport where even the guy at Avis wanted to know what Jim McElwain was doing in the second half.

  1. And I had no answer. If the Florida coaches were nervous about protection in the second half, why weren’t they in the first half? I think they believed the defense was good enough to protect 21-3 and they went conservative until the momentum had clearly shifted and it was too late. There won’t be any more comparisons to great Florida defenses of the past (including last year’s) after that display.
  2. If you had Notre Dame and LSU in your Final Four, you might want to deposit it in the same trash you used for your March Madness pool. I can’t imagine how noisy it’s going to be in Baton Rouge after LSU scored 13 points and only gave the ball to Leonard Fournette 16 times. And they still almost survived. I can’t imagine the feeling of thinking you had won a game in miraculous fashion only to seen it taken away by replay review. Yikes.
  3. The Pac 12 after dark was good stuff and sets up one of three giant games for this week — Stanford ast Washington. That’s a Friday night game with Louisville at Clemson and Wisconsin at Michigan to follow Saturday. Man, Wisconsin is one of the biggest surprise teams this year.
  4. OK, so if I was voting, this would be my top 10: Alabama, Ohio State, Louisville, Michigan, Houston, Wisconsin, Clemson, Stanford, Texas A&M, Washington. I don’t think I’d have Florida in my top 25, if you were wondering.