The Sunday Blog comes at you after missing a week due to technical problems. I’d try to explain, but I don’t get it either.1. We knew that Jim McElwain has an angry side because we’ve seen it before. But we didn’t know he could go full Muschamp on us. That was quite a tirade Saturday night. Tennessee has an issue of its own after losing cornerback Cam Sutton for “a significant” amount of time according to Butch Jones. We’re about to find out a lot of things about these two teams. Florida’s defense has been crazy-good, but let’s see how the Gators handle an offense that gave them trouble last year. Tennessee has sleepwalked through the first three games of the season. Maybe they were waiting for this moment to explode. Or maybe they just aren’t that good. Meanwhile, GameDay will be in Knoxville for the first time since 2012. That was for a Florida game as well. It didn’t go too well for the Vols.2. I don’t get it. Is the ball heavy? Is it scorching hot? Are you just complete idiots? This trend of players dropping the ball before crossing the goal line has reached epidemic proportions. Joe Mixon did it at the end of a kickoff return but the officials didn’t see it or the replay guy was in the bathroom. And if you stayed up to watch Cal-Texas, Cal’s Vic Enwere dropped the ball at the 1-yard line on the clinching touchdown. A Texas player picked it up in the end zone but the officials ruled it wasn’t an immediate recovery and gave the ball to Cal at the one. Why? Why do you feel a need to drop the ball until you are well into the end zone? Why? Now pull your pants up and get off my lawn.3. There is going to be a lot of talk about hot seats this week. I’ve said often there are two kinds of hot seats — the ones created by the media and fans and the real ones. Not sure where Gus Malzahn’s situation falls in there. He has lost six straight SEC home games. That’s not good. And what about our old friend Steve Addazio? He has now lost 10 straight ACC games after a 49-0 loss to Virginia Tech. “In all three phases, we had opportunities that we didn’t do anything with,” he said. “We got our butts whooped, and that is the tale of the day.” I’m not a big Scot Loeffler guy and he doesn’t deserve all the blame since he was just hired this year. But the BC offensive coordinator took over an offense that ranked 126th in the nation (out of 128) last year and has it ranked, uh, 126th this year. Well done.4. I’m not an Associated Press voter. I guess I watch too much college football. Had four games going all day and then two on while covering the Florida game. Came home to my set-up and stayed up until 3:30 a.m. watching games and highlights. So if anyone is interested, this would be my Top 10:1. Alabama.2. Ohio State.3. Louisville.4. Houston.5. Michigan.6. Stanford.7. Clemson.8. Michigan State.9. Washington.10. Texas A&M.