Final Sunday Blog of football season


The Back Nine comes at you a little late after an uneventful drive down I-75. Which is the best way to drive down I-75. Mens Buffalo Bills CJ Spiller Nike Royal Blue Game Jersey, Cheap Jerseys free shipping,Men’s Philadelphia Eagles Nike Midnight Green Vapor Performance Long Sleeve T-Shirt,’47 Brand Baltimore Ravens All Bright Fieldhouse T-Shirt – Black., cheap nfl jerseys

1. Even though the crowd at the Georgia Dome was 70-30 in favor of Alabama, I never felt like noise was an issue. People in the stands told me the Alabama fans were almost bored with the game. And Florida fans did a heckuva job despite being outnumbered. There are some questions I can’t answer, but perhaps I can soon. Like, why not try something different? Put Vernon Hargreaves III or Antonio Callaway in the shotgun. Or run a reverse or some kind of trick play. Hey, this coaching staff was handed a tricycle on the offensive side of the ball and pedaled it all the way to Atlanta. For that I give them a lot of credit. But the game plans the last couple of weeks, meh.

2. No surprises with the four teams in the playoff. If you believe in conspiracies (like the SEC had a lot invested in Alabama winning Saturday night and as a result there were no holding calls against the Tide despite Florida defensive linemen being tackled) you might believe the committee jumped Michigan State over Oklahoma to keep the third seed from having a home-field advantage (in Arlington, Texas) over the two seed. It’s very possible that was the case. Nobody will ever admit it.

3. What a New Year’s Eve we will have. Forget the parties (they’re for amateurs anyway), you get to negative root against Florida State at noon and then watch what should be two compelling playoff games. And then wake up the next day for the mighty Gators plus two incredible games in the Fiesta and Rose bowls. College football isn’t over yet, peeps.

4. My Heisman ballot is a mess. I have to knock it out tonight. That’s my policy. Always wait until Sunday night. Your input is valued on Twitter. I have three guys who turned in amazing performances Saturday. It’s just a matter of putting them in order.