The Sunday Blog, as tired as Florida’s defense in the fourth quarter


The Sunday Blog comes at you after a late Saturday night/Sunday morning. The tailgates were great, the game not so much. Men’s Cleveland Browns Majestic Brown Free Pace Full-Zip Hoodie, wholesale nfl jerseys from china,Men’s Pittsburgh Steelers ’47 Brand Black Turner Clean Up Adjustable Hat., wholesale nfl jerseys

1. So here are some stats to throw at you concerning Florida’s offense this season:

Total offense — 104th in the nation.

Third down conversions — 81st.

Red zone scoring — 116th.

Isn’t the Florida head coach supposed to be an offensive guy?

Obviously, the quarterback situation is a mess and the lack of playmakers is still a leftover problem. But I feel like the most disappointing thing for Florida fans is that the game plan has become stagnant. Defensive coaches have a ton of film now on Jim McElwain’s offense at Florida and they pretty much know what is coming. And the Gators are not talented enough to overcome that. Case in point — Florida’s November red zone conversion rate was 42.4 percent in October and is 34 percent in November. And it’s not like the November schedule was anything special.

2. Nice season, SEC East. You’re sending a lamb to the slaughter in Atlanta and finished off a brilliant 2-12 regular season against the West with the SEC title game to go. And after going 0-4 in rivalry games last year on the final Saturday of November, you went 1-3 this year with the only win being Georgia’s 13-7 dud over 3-9 Georgia Tech. Well done.

3. Paging everyone who wrote or said Les Miles was finished at LSU. It’s OK to say you were wrong and you’re sorry. “There are probably a couple of guys I’d like to meet in an alley and have a little street talk with, but I’m not built that way,” Miles said after he was told he can keep his job after beating a mediocre Texas A&M team. It sets up an awkward 2016 season for LSU and Miles. I can’t help but wonder if LSU kept Miles because Jimbo Fisher said no or if he said no because LSU decided to keep Miles. More than likely, it’s the former.

4. On Saturday morning, I was headed to the gym when two cars collided on NW 43rd St. One of them went spinning wildly onto the sidewalk. That was what it was like watching Baylor and TCU play in the rain Friday night. You didn’t want to watch but you couldn’t help it. And now it appears the College Football Playoff committee is off the hook. Clemson, Alabama, Oklahoma and the winner of Michigan State/Iowa. Unless North Carolina beats Clemson. Or Florida beats Alabama. What happened to the chaos I was rooting for?