The Sunday Blog, Week 10


The Sunday Blog comes at you after a long night of watching football. Oh, and I also saw Florida vs. Vanderbilt.

1. Wow, did you see where there are more than 30 Missouri players who are refusing to practice because the president of the university hasn’t done enough about racism? His name is Tim Wolfe and he doesn’t plan to resign. There have been a series of incidents and he apparently has been sitting on his hands.

2. Quote of the week goes to Bret Bielema after Arkansas upset Ole Miss — “I’m looking forward to hopping on my wife.” He meant to say that he looked forward to hopping on a plane with his wife. I think. That was a gutsy decision to go for two twice. And the game produced the play of the week. We didn’t have a Kick Six this week, but the fourth-and-25 play had my living room freaking out.

3. After watching Alabama manhandle LSU’s talented offensive line, one couldn’t help but wonder what it will do to Florida’s in Atlanta. Here’s the thing — we knew Florida had issues on the offensive line but why did it take Vanderbilt to expose them? Maybe they just had a bad game. Or maybe it was more evidence why Jim McElwain should be college football’s coach of the year.

4. I can’t tell you who I am voting for the Heisman because they get all hot and bothered when voters reveal their votes. But it felt like an elimination day Saturday. Meanwhile, on Thursday night, Baylor wide receiver Corey Coleman got into the mix with his 20th touchdown catch. I can tell you this — he’d be on my ballot if the voting took place today. So would Navy quarterback Keenan Reynolds. That’s how crazy this season has been.