The Sunday Blog, Week Nine


The Sunday Blog comes at you after a great weekend, the best part of which was spending some time with my father in St. Augustine New York Jets Infant Girls Scalloped Sleeve 3-Pack Creeper Set – Ash/Green/Black, cheap jerseys,Arizona Cardinals 40” Inflatable Tackle Buddy Punching Bag,Toddler New York Giants ’47 Royal/Red Double Duty MVP Adjustable Hat., cheap nfl jerseys.

1. So, Georgia went to its third-team quarterback because he would give the Bulldogs a different look and … that didn’t happen. “The big thing with Faton (Bauta) is — mobile guy, can make some plays with his legs, and things like that, and we were looking for a spark,” offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer said. He ran the ball three times. Jim McElwain said that one of the biggest things Florida worked on during the bye week was defending the read option and the running quarterback. He told me on Wednesday he suspected Georgia might change quarterbacks. I’m not saying Mark Richt should be on the hot seat, but I can’t wait to hear the noise in the system.

2. Great quote from Jon Bullard after Saturday’s game — “We wanted to get in (Bauta’s) face fast, we wanted to keep him shaky. He hasn’t played a lot and then you’re coming in playing against us – that’s a tough one.” What he said.

3. This is going to be a tough one to live up to but I’m saying it anyway. I will never complain about SEC football officials again. OK, so they throw a lot of flags and then announce there was no penalty. OK, so they miss a lot of calls. But after the Miami-Duke finish, no more complaining. Was the replay official in his car when the last play happened? Can you miss any more calls on one play? I’m just asking.

4. UCLA coach Jim Mora is complaining. This is not news. “We played a gazillion plays and it was 1,000 degrees and we’re standing there facing the sun for some reason,” Mora said after a tight 35-31 win over Colorado. “Of course we were hot. I turned around one time and put my back to the sun and said, ‘This is a 10-degree difference with the sun at my back opposed to my face.’ Hell yeah, they were fatigued.” Need some cheese to go with that whine, bro?