Could SEC East get shut out?


So we were talking about this on the radio the other day because I was suddenly hit by the reality that the SEC East could go 0-14 against the West.

It’s very unlikely. Even a blonde squirrel finds an acorn now and then.

 But the West has dominated the East recently and the West has six teams that could win that division. The East is still struggling to get back to the glory years.

But where will the East get a win over the West?

I ranked the 14 division games in terms of one being the East’s best chance for a win to 14 being the worst.

1. Mississippi State at Missouri.

2. Arkansas at Tennessee.

3. South Carolina at Texas A&M.

4. Missouri at Arkansas.

5. Kentucky at Mississippi State.

6. Alabama at Georgia.

7. Ole Miss at Florida.

8. LSU at South Carolina.

9. Tennessee at Alabama.

10. Georgia at Auburn.

11. Florida at LSU.

12. Auburn at Kentucky.

13. Texas A&M at Vanderbilt.

14. Vanderbilt at Ole Miss.

So how many games do you think the East wins out of these 14?