Nothing to see here


Back when I was a kid, before the Internet and cell phone and cable TV, most college football games were played during the day. And by day, I mean 1 p.m. That changed gradually and finally reached the point where we are now.

Oh, there are day games. But TV has discovered that it can sell night college football better than it ever anticipated.

As a result, we are loaded with great night games at the start of the season. And the good games that are not at night are in the 3:30 p.m. time slot.

So for those of you who like to start your college football watching day at noon, it’s pretty slim pickings, especially early in the season. As we get into the conference season, it will get better, especially on the SEC Network. But here are the three early games for the one-year old network in the first three weeks of the season:

Sept. 5 — Louisiana Monroe at Georgia.

Sept. 12 — Jacksonville State at Auburn.

Sept. 19 — Nevada at Texas A&M.

But it’s not just the SEC Network. I was looking to see what games I might watch before taking off for Florida’s first three games, all of which are at night, and the best I could come up with was Oregon State at Michigan in the second week of the season.

Second best — Stanford at Northwestern on Sept. 5.

Other than that, not much. So enjoy your tailgating or get some stuff done around the house. Here’s the good news — You can tell your significant other that you are NOT going to watch football all day.