We’ve got a track record


In anticipation of the SEC releasing how the media predicted the races in the divisions and who will win the championship, let’s look at how badly we’ve guessed.

And let me say this — I think one reason is that too many media members vote based on what they remember of a team from the previous season or how it did in its bowl game.

In 23 years of voting, we were right five times. A 5-18 record puts you right on the hot seat if you are a coach.

Year     Pick     How fared                     Winner

1992 Florida      Lost SEC title game    Alabama

1993 Alabama   Lost SEC title game   Florida

1994  Florida      Won SEC title game

1995  Florida      Won SEC title game

1996 Tennessee 2nd in East                 Florida

1997 Florida       T2 in East                   Tennessee

1998 Florida       2nd in East                 Tennessee

1999 Tennessee 2nd in East                 Alabama

2000 Alabama    T5 in West                  Florida

2001 Florida        2nd in East                LSU

2002 Tennessee 3rd in East                 Georgia

2003 Auburn       3rd in West                LSU

2004 Georgia     2nd in East                Auburn

2005 Tennessee 5th in East                Georgia

2006 Auburn       T2 in West                Florida

2007 LSU           Won SEC title game

2008 Florida       Won SEC title game

2009 Florida       Lost SEC title game  Alabama

2010 Alabama    4th in West                Auburn

2011 Alabama    2nd in West               LSU

2012 LSU          T2nd in West              Alabama

2013 Alabama   T1st in West               Auburn

2014 Alabama   Won SEC title game

So Florida has been picked the most with eight, followed by Alabama with six and Tennessee with four. We’ve picked the East 13 times to 10 for the West. Twice we picked a team to win that finished fifth in its own division. But we got it right last year.